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  1. SkyMom

    Cricket & Audrey

    My neice and MIL's dog that is loved by all the grandkids. SS_SNU_ArtMix PhotoTemplate #sgdigilove #hashtagchallenge
  2. skichic

    Bunny is Legal

    My Norwich Terrier, Bunny, is 3 years old! Text reads: I am 3 years old today. That's 21 in people years ... I am legal! Mom says I may have a wee taste ... Love the Irish-themed Shamrock collection! TFL! Diane EBA_Shamrock
  3. From the album: Turbo

    Turbo and Gerby, our grandson, fighting over Turbo's bed. Gerby would slide down the stairs on Turbo's bed with Turbo following closely behind. Quite hilarious, actually!
  4. ResesPeses

    Turbo Car1

    From the album: Turbo

    I ran back into the house for a bottle of water, and when I came to get in the car, there was Turbo! Obviously, he didn't want to stay at home alone. He is such a character!!!
  5. From the album: Turbo

    We had so much fun ice fishing with Turbo. Only problem was that he wanted to run off and visit other ice fisherpeople (it's not all men anymore!). We took his green Kong thingy-majiger to throw for him, and he thought that was the coolest! When we started catching fish, Turbo got soooo excited, especially when they flipped around on the snow. He wanted to eat the fish we caught - bit the head off one of them. He obviously doesn't know the meaning of "catch and release"!
  6. Having fun with stitchery! Supplies: MRE_Endless Possibilities Font - Dubiel Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  7. ResesPeses

    Dog Rule1

    From the album: Turbo

    Yep, one rule for Tubo. Only one, because he is such an awesome dog. But even that ONE rule didn't last! This pup gets soooo excited when his dad comes home - he jumps in the air and twirls around! I have never had a dog that got this excited to see his dad! I just have to laugh and laugh! Good thing Lauris doesn't mind.
  8. From the album: Turbo

    We bought Turbo a Frisbee. He loves it. We throw it as far as we can, and Turbo chases it and has learned to catch it. He is so much fun to be with, but especially when he is playing and having a great time! He now prances - catches his Frisbee or ball, then prances around - doesn't run or walk, prances!
  9. ResesPeses

    Baby Turbo1

    From the album: Turbo

    I love, love, love this dog! He has been ours for one month, and he is awesome! We go on *small* walks each day. He is so curious. He does get nervous when people stop by, but I think as he gets older that nervousness will subside.
  10. From the album: Turbo

    We bought a package of two of these balls for Turbo, not knowing how much he would love them! After fetching, and fetching, and fetching again and again, he would chew them up until they wouldn't even bounce! He went through a ball every 3 to 5 months.
  11. From the album: Turbo

    Turbo loves toys! He confiscated some items to play with along with the toys we bought for him!
  12. ResesPeses

    Turbo Knots1

    From the album: Turbo

    My little, sweet Turbo got his rope in such a knot, we never tied him up again! As it turned out, we didn't need to; he was always by our side.
  13. From the album: Turbo

    Lauris tied Turbo's ball to a rope that hung from a tree next to our back deck. It was sooo much fun watching Turbo play endlessly with that ball!
  14. From the album: Turbo

    Turbo's first full day with us. I just kept falling more and more in love with him!
  15. From the album: Turbo

    My little, tiny Turbo just after we got home.
  16. From the album: Turbo

    My sweet little guy getting to know Spike the cat, and chillin' in our back yard!
  17. From the album: Turbo

    We drove to Woodrow, Co to pick up Turbo, the dog I decided was MY dog after seeing him on the internet! He had been rescued from a puppy mill in OK, was only 8 weeks old when we adopted him, and weighed only 8 lbs.
  18. Raven's first trip to a local park! template: Yin_template 292 papers EBA_Papercutting_Paper_Special gb_morecowbell_wood embellishments: ABL_WatersEdge_WordArt1_EnjoyNature Ro_BurlapTwine_EmbGarland SNU_FollowBliss_Emb_LeafSprig-Shdw TCS_DoggyTales_WordArt_Biscuit-Sweet pet prints The text says: Raven had only been with us for 3 days when we took her out to Page Branch Park on a lovely Fall day. She loved sniffing everything within her reach and even some things that were not. She just wanted to go go go! We saw only a few people there, but Raven of course, wanted them all to pet her. She loves attention. I don’t know how she handled being in a shelter! I hope this will be the first of many park trips with our silly dog!
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