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Found 13 results

  1. Copy: Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. -- John Lubbock I used: BMU_Petals_Tab-4 BMU_Petals_Creamery DCA_Amour_Emb_PhotoCorner DCA_Amour_Emb_PaperButterfly2 Fonts: Angelina Greer Vani Arial Notera Winged Smitten Kitten One Two Trees Bookends I'm Bored Waterfalls
  2. Copy: Aidan took his first swim in a lake when we went camping at Sharbot lake Provincial Park this summer. He fell in love with the water and his floaty boat. He was all smiles and giggles the instant his little legs touched the water and he didn't want to get out of the water at all. He loved it so much that he even took a nap while enjoying a leisurely float around the swim area. I used: DCA_Amour_Emb_StitchBorder BMU_Petals_Daffodils DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Emb_StampSheet_Filled Font: Waterfalls You Are Loved
  3. Copy is: A Boy is... Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair, and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket. I used: DCA_Amour_Emb_Button1a DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Emb_WoodSheet DCA_Amour_Paper_CreamWood Fonts: A Little Pot and You Are Loved
  4. For this layout I used: DCA_Amour_Emb_CircleScroll, DCA_Amour_Emb_CorkHeart_NoShadow DCA_Amour_Emb_Flower3 DCA_Amour_Emb_FlowerSilk4 DCA_Amour_Emb_FlowerSmallBrown DCA_Amour_Emb_Button1a DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBranchGreenCanvas DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBunch DCA_Amour_Emb_JournalStrip DCA_Amour_Emb_RibbonBunch DCA_Amour_Emb_Heart DCA_Amour_Paper_WornBlue DCA_Amour_WordArt_Mini_Everything Freebie heart brush from my stash Font: Precios and New Garden
  5. DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBorderwithShadow DCA_Amour_Emb_Leaf2 DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Emb_BlueFlower DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Emb_StampSheet_Filled DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Paper_FloralToile DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Emb_WoodSheet Font: Dandelion in Spring
  6. SG_Exuberance_Emb_BHA_Ribbon-pink SG_ANarrative_Emb_SJO_Note SG_ANarrative_Emb_SPE_Envelope DCA_Amour_Paper_GrayPlaid DCA_Amour_Emb_Bow3 DCA_Amour_Emb_Button1 DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBranchGreenCanvas DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBunch DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Emb_OrangeFlower_WithShadow Font: Frosting for Breakfast and Arrivals and Departures
  7. I took this picture last spring on a trip to our country home. We went for a long hike and photographed the first signs of spring. I used: DCA_Amour_Emb_Flower4 DCA_Amour_Emb_FlowerSilk1 DCA_Amour_Emb_Border DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBorderwithShadow DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBranchGreenCanvas DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBunch DCA_Amour_Emb_PaperButterfly1_withShadow DCA_Amour_Emb_ScrollDecor DCA_Amour_Emb_ScallopedMat DCA_Amour_Paper_AgedNatural Font: Follow you into the world Poem by Terry Rowe
  8. I used: Fonts - Precious, Frosting for breakfast, and Follow you into the world DCA_Amour_Paper_PainterBeige DCA_Amour_Emb_Clock_Ebony DCA_Amour_Emb_ClockHand_Hour DCA_Amour_Emb_ClockHand_Minute DCA_Amour_Emb_Flower4 DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBorderwithShadow DCA_Amour_Emb_Leaf3 Poem by: Ruth Hulburt Hamilton
  9. DCA_Amour_PaperMini_2_BrownScript DCA_Amour_PaperMini_6_NaturalRose DCA_Amour_Paper_Script DCA_Amour_Emb_FrameLight DCA_Amour_Emb_PaperButterfly1_withShadow DCA_Amour_Emb_Flower4 DCA_Amour_Emb_FlowerBorder DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBranchGreenCanvas
  10. This layout was completed for the February slow scrap week 3 activity. I used: DCA_Amour_WA_JAdore DCA_Amour_Emb_Button9 DCA_Amour_Emb_Button10 DCA_Amour_Emb_Button11 DCA_Amour_Emb_Button12 DCA_Amour_Emb_CircleScroll DCA_Amour_Emb_Flower4 DCA_Amour_Emb_Clock_Ebony DCA_Amour_Emb_LeafBunch DCA_Amour_Emb_RibbonBunch DCA_Amour_Paper_Postale DCA_Amour_Paper_GrayStripe DCA_Amour_PaperMini_1_GrayFloral Font: Frosting for breakfast
  11. This is a photo I took of my daughter last spring. I loved it right away but I did brighten her eyes a bit and alter the contrast to make it a bit sharper. I used: DCA_Amour_SSentiment_Love_NoShadow DCA_Amour_PaperSuperMini_Floral2 DCA_Amour_Paper_GrayStripe DCA_Amour_Paper_Postale DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Emb_BlueFlower DCA_Amour_Jif6Plus_Emb_OrangeFlower_NoShadow DCA_Amour_Emb_FrameQuad DCA_Amour_Paper_CreamWood DCA_Amour_Emb_CircleScroll Font: Follow you into the world
  12. From the album: 2014

    This layout was for the February Slow Scrap, week one activity. I used: All papers, embelishments from Amour by Doris Castle DCA_Amour_Emb_Bow1 DCA_Amour_Emb_ribbongroupie_NoShadow DCA_Amour_Emb_FrameRectangle DCA_Amour_Emb_Clock_Ivory DCA_Amour_Paper_PainterBeige DCA_Amour_Emb_PhotoCornerMetal DCA_Amour_SSentiment_Precious_NoShadow Font: Precious
  13. We lived in Germany for three years when kids were young. this is a photo of hubby and kids walking in front of me (as usual) down a boulevard in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. This Amour kit this month is perfect!
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