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  1. Celestine


    Marlene Peacock Grape and Wine Fonts: Alegra, Pink Fizz Photo: Personal
  2. Diane Rooney Lemon Grove VP Syndee Rogers Hello Lovely Collection Biggie Syndee Rogers SSET: Fruit Salad Miss Fish "Simple Summer Templates" (retired) Font: Corbel Photos: Personal
  3. Celestine

    Heart Key

    Pretty JuScrap "Priceless Memories" Sept 2023 ScrapSimple Club Fonts: Vinar Hand, Always Together Photo: Personal
  4. Tami Miller Blue Jean Baby VP AFT Designs SSPT: Absolutely Blended 3 Aimee Harrison Rosemary and Thyme Shalae Tippetts Daisy Aimee Harrison Growing Season Sheila Reed "Oh Lucky Day" Fonts: Shoreline Script Bold, Simple Print, Showcard Gothic, Segoe, Epistolar, San Serif, Dubai, Dialog Input, Cooper Black, Century, Cardenio Modern, Candara, Arial Black, Calibri, Broadway, A Little Sunshine, Bodoni, Blue Highway, Bernard, Berlin Sans, Bauhaus 93, Bahnschrift, Rockwell, Arial Rounded Photos: Personal
  5. Celestine

    Swaddle Sleep

    Butterfly Dsign Shape of My Heart AFT Designs SSPT: Blended Edges Font: Blossomy Photo: Personal
  6. AFT Designs: Eucalyptus Collection Biggie Eucalyptus Solids and Stripes Papers Eucalyptus Cluster Embellishments Eucalyptus Blush Angie Briggs SSPT: Be Creative Floral Bekah E Design The Sweetest Days Ginny Whitcomb "Winter Beauty Overlays" (retired) Curio Pantry "Baby Dear" et designs "Dream Big" Milo Vrijhof "Oh Baby Baby" Photo: Personal
  7. Angie Briggs Harmony Crush and QP was a freebie Brandy Murry Hello Baby Di Hiller PSBT Freebie Font: Traveling Typewriter Photos: Dave Lewis
  8. Celestine


    Pretty Ju Scrap Holy Sacraments Collection Pretty Ju Scrap Grand Maman Collection Mini Photo: Personal
  9. Laura Louie Forever Love Carolyn Kite "Bundle of Joy Girl" (retired) Fonts: Agent Orange, Breakout Photos: Personal
  10. AFT Designs SSPT: Lace Effect Syndee Rogers SSET: Tattered Photo Masks Carol W Designs Friends Forever Silvia Romeo Sweet & Berries DRB Designs Something Borrowed Something Blue Carol W Designs "Everyday Moment" (retired) Florju Designs "Winter Time" (retired) Viva Artistry "Messo Gesso" Font: WellRock Slab Photo: Dave Lewis
  11. Blue Heart Scraps I Grew That VP Carol W Designs In April Accents Tami Miller Grown with Love Word Bits Syndee Rogers SSPT: Blended Masks Vol. 2 Fonts: Winter Poppins, Farmilia Photo: Personal
  12. Angie Briggs A Million Little Things Syndee Rogers Hello Lovely Carol W Designs Timeless Mini Kit Angie Briggs SSET: Be Creative Floral Angelle Designs "Me, Myself and I" (retired)
  13. Celestine


    Silvia Romeo Bath Time Fun Carol W Designs Endless Waves Artsy and Bits Pretty Ju Scrap Gone Fishing Bee Creation I'm A Frog VP Miss Fish "This is November" (retired) Font: Night Still Comes Photo: Personal
  14. Junk with Steph Wildflower Dreams Paper Pack Aimee Harrison Baby Mine VP Silvia Romeo Baby Dreams VP Laitha Art Studio "Smitten" (retired) Carol W Designs Snow's So Delightful Carol W Designs Autumn Things Photos: Dave Lewis
  15. Chere Kaye Fly Away Value Pack Connie Prince "Together Apart" (retired) Font: Cheveuxdange Photo: Personal
  16. Celestine

    High Chair

    Butterfly Dsign Market Fresh Susie Roberts Time for Tea Overlays Tami Miller The High Road Shabby Toppers Susie Roberts Brush Set: Bundle of Joy Blue Heart Scraps Here's the Scoop VP Blue Heart Scraps Let's Get Fruity: Word Bits Anna Aspne "Thin Strip Masks" Curio Pantry "Baby Dear" Font: Wonder Boy Photo: Personal
  17. Celestine


    Silvia Romeo My Cookbook Syndee Rogers Tasty Recipe Page and Card Kit (avocado) Sekada Design Dad's Fish (scribble) Carol W Designs Dream of Flower (paint) Tami Miller Grown with Love (paint) Font: Cafe Matcha, Traveling Typewriter Photo: Personal
  18. Celestine

    Baby Mine

    Junk with Steph Wildflower Dreams Paper Pack Aimee Harrison Baby Mine Angie Briggs Million Little Things (mask) AFT Designs SSPT: Overlays - Watercolor Washes Matte -my own Photo: Dave Lewis
  19. Angie Briggs A Million Little Things Syndee Rogers Hello Lovely Syndee Rogers Hello Lovely Word Art Mini Carol W Designs Timeless Value Pack Miss Fish Loving Life Templates Brandy Murry SSPT: Background Blenders 7 Photo: Dave Lewis
  20. Brandy Murry Hello Baby Angie Briggs SSET: Capturing Moments Frames Chere Kaye Dear Prudence Ginny Whitcomb "Lazy Days of Summer" (retired) Vicki Stegall "Scary Stuff" Idgie "Honoring My Heritage" Font: Hogback Photos: Personal
  21. Blue Heart Scraps Fire Up the Grill VP Marlene Peacock Cottage Reflections Overlays Tami Miller Remember When Masks Charly Renay "Sweet as Honey" (retired) Fonts: Cooper Black, Crimson Foam, Scrap Casual Photo: Personal
  22. Celestine

    Ten Toes

    Brandy Murry Chasing Dragonflies Miss Fish Dreamy Blends #2 Templates Photos: Dave Lewis
  23. Celestine

    Nine Months

    Aimee Harrison Little Bit Country Photos: Personal
  24. Celestine


    Carol W Designs Endless Waves VP Carol W Designs Dancing with Leaves Photo Masks Kimeric Kreations A Girl's World VP Laura Louie SSET: Good 2 Go Syndee Rogers SSET: Framed Masks Janet Scott "Summer Splash" Elizabeth Minkus "Water Overlay" Font: Winter Poppins Photo: Personal
  25. Celestine

    Dad's Hand

    Angie Briggs Simplify Angie Briggs Simplify Add-On Butterfly Dsign Our House Overlays Angie Briggs SSPT: Little Worn Butterfly Dsign SG Club "Photo of Life" Font: Poppins, Poppins Light Photo: Personal
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