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  1. pj17

    Peace, Joy & Love

    From the album: CT Memories

    Kit - Chere Kaye Designs - Winterlude

    © PJMartin

  2. From the album: Bernice Layouts

    Winterlude by Chere Kaye – Scrap Girls Club - Coordinating supplies at a great price Double Vision Vol 1 template by Chere Kaye
  3. Collection: Here Comes the Sun by Aimee Harrison and Chere Kaye Designs Template: Strips #2-4 by Aimee Harrison
  4. From the album: chigirl

    winterlude mini kit - chere kaye designs https://store.scrapgirls.com/1-Scrap-Girls-Club-Monthly-Billing-Cycle.html
  5. chigirl

    let it snow

    From the album: chigirl

    winterlude - chere kaye designs https://store.scrapgirls.com/1-Scrap-Girls-Club-Monthly-Billing-Cycle.html
  6. robinoes66


    From the album: Robin's Nest

    Chere Kaye Designs - Winterlude
  7. pj17

    Autumn in New York

    From the album: CT Memories

    Kit - Chere Kaye Designs - Forever Autumn

    © PJMartin

  8. CWX_ 2023 Anniversary template ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Emboss and Engrave Super Biggie Autumnsong Collection Biggie
  9. AimeeH

    Take a Breath

    Beautiful Struggle by Aimee Harrison, Chere Kaye Designs, Cindy Ritter Designs and Template is Also Beautiful Struggle.

    © Aimee Harrison

  10. Chere Kaye Groovy Baby Marlene Peacock "SSDLT: Curvy Thirds" (retired) Fonts: Coaster, Blue Cheries, The Great Wall Photo: Personal
  11. Diana

    Forever Autumn

    From the album: CT Chere Kaye Designs

    Chere Kaye Designs – Forever Autumn bundle https://store.scrapgirls.com/Value-Pack-Forever-Autumn.html Carol W – Spring To Life templates Photos Pexels
  12. Layout created using Anniversary challenge template by Carolyn Kite and Grateful Hearts Value Pack by Chere Kaye Designs.
  13. GraceJ


    Task #1 – August Birthday Task #2 - I'm a cat person! 2 papers Task #3 - Font: Grand Hotel. I’m wearing socks so title on normal orientation. Task #4 - Embellishment #1: Folder #22, folder #5, file #35 – Abundant by Cheré Kaye Designs Embellishment #2: Folder #48, folder #3, file #18 – Your Best Life by Cheré Kaye Designs Embellishment #3: Starting from the bottom, folder #12; then from the top, folder #11 and file #4 – Pieces of autumn (flower) by CarolW Designs Task #5 - Second set of embellishments: Embellishments one must be seashell, snowflake or snowman Seashell from Coastal wind by CarolW Designs Ribbon from A long hard winter Mini by Aimee Harrison Designs. Task #6 - I'm a veggies person, so I added a frame (A long hard winter by Aimee Harrison) Task #7 – I’m a right-handed person, so I used a quote. Task #8 - Random Element 30 folder, 3rd folder and 25 element – Sunshiney Day by Aimee Harrison. Task #9: Shadows added. I love my layout, thank you so much dear Mikelle for the fun.
  14. KristiM

    Autumn Path

    From the album: Chere Kaye Designs CT Layouts

    Uses Chere Kaye's newest collection, Forever Autumn. On sale now only at ScrapGirls for their anniversary celebration. https://store.scrapgirls.com/Value-Pack-Forever-Autumn Autumn Path 10-20-23 • All created in Affinity for computer Credits: -Forever Autumn by Chere Kaye Designs -Based on a sketch found on Pinterest
  15. B2N2Scraps


    From the album: CT Layouts

    Stayin' Alive by Chere Kaye Designs Photomask by PrelestnayaP Design
  16. Baking Spirits Bright Value Pack | Blue Heart Scraps & Chere Kaye Designs
  17. Black Magic | Chere Kaye Designs Spell Bound Again | Blue Heart Scraps - one frame from Beautiful Struggle | Aimee Harrison, Chere Kaye, Cindy Ritter
  18. chigirl


    From the album: chigirl

    forever autumn - chere kaye designs https://store.scrapgirls.com/Value-Pack-Forever-Autumn.html
  19. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Seascapes | Aimee Harrison Value Pack: Shoot for the Moon & Land Amongst the Stars Bundle | Blue Heart Scraps & Chere Kaye
  20. Around the Block Template Pack | Blue Heart Scraps Black Magic | Chere Kaye Designs
  21. From the album: gardenwhispers

    Forever Autumn :: Chere Kaye Designs Double Vision Template v1-3 :: Chere Kaye Designs
  22. From the album: CT layouts for Chere Kaye Designs

    Fusion Collection Mini - Chere Kaye Designs
  23. From the album: CT layouts for Chere Kaye Designs

    Autumn Song - Chere Kaye Designs Charcoal Masks Vol. 1 - Chere Kaye Designs
  24. From the album: CT layouts for Chere Kaye Designs

    Forever Autumn - Chere Kaye Designs
  25. From the album: Chere Kaye Designs CT Layouts

    Relaxing on Dauphin Island 10-24-21 Adam enjoyed relaxing in his hammock on the deck by the Gulf. Dauphin Island, AL • All created in Affinity for computer Credits: -Seafoam Mini Kit by Chere Kaye Designs -Charcoal Masks Vol. 2; Masks 2 & 3 Creation Notes: -I used Mask 3 to blend two papers from the Seafoam kit into one another. The mask was applied to the top layer, the wavy paper, and then used the "average" blend mode. -I then used Mask 2 to mask the photo which made the edges blend nicely into the background. -For the cluster of fish on the bottom right of the photo I also used the "average" blend mode so they blended into the background.
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