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  1. This is a cluster from one of the older collections. I can't remember and lost the psd of this. I'll get it when I "do" remember it.
  2. jenrou

    Beach ATC

    Web photo-free image/gradient used Journal regular font Quote from brainyquote PSE stroke outline "" "The Beach Boys are not a superstar group. The music is the superstar of the group." Dennis Wilson I've always liked "In My Room" by Dennis Wilson. His life turned sad but he was a good singer/musician for the Beach Boys.
  3. LLO_AutumnSym_Paper_GoldLeaves Hoefler text font LLO_AutumnSym_EmbMiniClst_Cluster3
  4. AFT_PIP_Overlays_6 ABR_Simplify_Emb-FloralSpray Tahoma font Snell Roundhand font
  5. BMU_Chronicles_Paper_12x12_Memories Volkswagon dingbats
  6. jenrou

    faith july24. 72

    SG_EternalLove_DMI_12x12 paper Elementary Gothic Bookhand font leaves mre_brushset BMU_Swirlishious brush
  7. jenrou

    July 10-Faith

    Kpertiet-canvas paper-2 AFT_SSEmb_MaskJots_Enliven_4 KPertiet_CanvasColorMixNo17-4 Bodoni 72
  8. SNU_SSemb_Artmix-heart font-bodini Lyrics to my Country Tis' of Thee, by Samuel Francis Smith.
  9. Corners-OutdoorDad-BrandyMurry_paper Jelly Delicious Cake font Element_berrybranches AFT_BrushSet_EventideMasks_2 My photo OutdoorDad-BrandyMurry-wood paper Frame2_Mask-OutdoorDad-BrandyMurry
  10. travel paper-seafoam, I think SNU 2 photos taken by my daughter Cheddar Salad BTN Quill font Outline strokes and shadows -PSE Removed 11 embellishments- Wow!
  11. SG_ANarrative_Paper_COL_Text gems-AllIHaveToDoIsDream-LaurenGrier Gabriela font English111 Presto BT My zinnia photo, brushed and softened
  12. Font:Galeforce BTN Baby Bird photo by Pat Stroke-PSE Lyrics to Summertime-web
  13. KPertiet_CanvasCollection SRoberts_ClassicLinen Font:Brush455 BT Regular Maine Rocks and water photo by Mike AFT_SSPaper Reinvent Mask
  14. STI_Joyous_Paper_Pink_Ornate STI_Joyous_Paper_Pink_Ornate STI_Joyous_EmbBiggie_Raffia_BlueGreen STI_Joyous_EmbBiggie_Clip_Green STI_Joyous_EmbBiggie_Raffia STI_Joyous_EmbBiggie_Tape_Green 2Dumb font Calligrapher 421 BT font
  15. BMU_Mossy paper journaling mat from stash Myriad Pro font leaves from stash
  16. jenrou


    SNU_BrooksideManor _Paper Paint mist brush Font:Snell Roundhand Regular Photo by Mike
  17. One of the daily photos my son sent from Maine last week. JOD_Evergreen_button Photo by my son, Mike JOD_Evergreen_lace Font: Snell Roundhand Black BMU_Seize the Day_ moss paper JOD_Springfling_flower JOD_Evergreen_leaves
  18. jenrou

    June Faith cards

    SNU Watercolor Works Cherry Blossom photo-brushed
  19. ABR_Falling4U_paper Gentian Book Basic font ABR_falling4U-flowers ABR_Falling4u_Emb-PaintedBranch ABR_Falling4u_Emb-FlowerCluster April 10-Joshua 1:9
  20. jenrou

    Psalm 52: 8

    Olive Tree photo-web Font: Heather
  21. jenrou


    My family toured Ireland last year. 4-leaf clover-web Font:Calligrapher Regular JOD_Evergreen_Papers (two greens blended) Photo by Mike
  22. Photos by daughter Debbie BMU_TypePaths_ShabbyText_5 Multi font Added white stroke outline to photo Compass BMU_Seize the Day_green paper
  23. ABL_Birdsong_BluePaper ABL_Birdsong_Bird PSE shapes Two of my photos Note This font Stroke outlines
  24. Most of us had some relatives in WWII; Some of mine were in the South Pacific. Cebu Coast is in the Philippines. ABL_IndustrialStrength_Paper_Peeling ASO_TakeWing_Paper_Cream vrobinson-AllAmerican-WA_GrandFlag My Underwood font Photos from web war stories ASO_Independence Day flag ABL_Farmstead_clip
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