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  1. January 2024 The year started out with us relaxing on New Year’s Day, recovering from the weekend with the kids. Also, Chad had to start his prep for his colonoscopy that was coming up. I put a note on the cabinet door and the fridge to remind him not to eat anything when he had the munchies. Mom dropped of a crucifix that Grandma Ann has ordered for all of her grandchildren. She wanted each one to have one in their home. It’s beautiful. On 1/2/2024, we went to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Breese for Chad’s Colonoscopy. He did well and they did not find any issues. On Friday, 1/5/2024, we had to bowl. It snowed pretty good in the afternoon and evening. We got a few inches, but it didn’t last too long the next day. It was a pretty snow. On Saturday, when Chad got off of work, we met with my cousin Jake Blumenstein at Jansen Chevrolet in Germantown. Chad found a car he liked at the dealership in Breese and since they are affiliated with each other, Jake got to show us the car. We liked it so we told him that we would buy it. Later that evening, we cashed in our rain check tickets to see the movie “Wonka”. It was a pretty good movie. We met with Jake again on Wednesday, 1/10/2024 to sign the papers and pick up the car. We didn’t really get a chance to drive it anywhere until Saturday, 1/13, when we took it to Chad’s parents for a visit. We noticed the locks needed to be fixed so it went back into the shop later in the month. On Wednesday, 1/17/2024, I made beef bone broth. I also canned some homemade chili beans. Both projects turned out great! I used the fat from the beef broth to make tallow. I had learned about it’s use for a moisturizer and wanted to try it. Mom had told me that she can tolerate sourdough bread, so I pick up some. For lunch, I had one of my favorite winter meals: grilled cheese and home made tomato soup that I had canned this summer. It was delicious! I was able to tolerate it pretty well (gluten intolerance). I’m so excited to eat bread again! U was back in the kitchen again Saturday, 1/20. I tried a home made cough syrup recipe made with onions and honey. It was edible. We will see if it works for cough the next time one of us gets a cold. Later that night, Chad and I went to the movies to see “The Color Purple” and then we went to Texas Roadhouse to cash in part of a gift certificate from my cousin Shawn and Jessica for photographing their daughter’s engagement. It was SO cold this weekend, but we enjoyed the date night. Our Sunday was spent a home. Chad chilled and watched YouTube. I made some turtles and caramel from Zurliene’s recipe again. It was so good! I also worked on rendering down the tallow to get rid of the impurities this week. I enjoyed another Scrapbooking Retreat in Fairview Heights the weekend of 1/25/2024-1/28/2024. Lynn and I went over there on Thursday night. I worked on Chad’s family album. On my day off Wednesday, 1/31, I photographed my parent’s house to get it ready to sell. It was such as pretty day out. I tried out the sun roof in the new car. The fresh air was great! Later, I tried my hand at making white sandwich bread. It turned out delicious! I also started a sourdough starter. This should be interesting. Value Pack: Wordy Months https://store.scrapgirls.com/ValuePack-Wordy-Months.html Always and Forever Alpha Pack https://store.scrapgirls.com/Always-and-Forever-Alpha-Pack.html
  2. Book Club Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: ATC Shadows 12601 Sugar Baby Collection by Brandy Murray Extreme Teen by Durin Eberhart Grandma's Kitchen by Ginny Whitcomb Great Pumpkin by Ginny Whitcomb Golfing by Laura Louie SS Club "Cooking from the Heart" by Laura Louie
  3. Laura Louie Enchanted Garden Collection Biggie Laura Louie Moss Swirls Laura Louie Enchanted Sunset Paper Laura Louie Enchanted Garden Paper Super Mini Brandy Murry Outdoor Life Font: Jane Austen Photo: Personal Inspiration: Layout by Nicole
  4. Celestine

    Chihuly Nights

    Laura Louie "Enchanted Garden" ScrapGirls Club Angie Briggs Grunge VP AFT Designs SSPT: Absolutely Blended 2 Font: Alegra Photos: Personal
  5. A Sky Full of Stars Collection Biggie A Sky Full of Stars Embellishment Mini Borders A Sky Full of Stars Embellishment Mini Clusters Grow Old Along With Me Silhouettes She Drew New Lines Alpha Pack A special memory I have with my dad is when he would call me out to our north facing front porch, usually on a hot summer night to watch the Northern lights. He would tell me that if we sat real still and quiet we would see them dancing low on the horizon. the lights were mesmerizing and magical as we studied the movement of light and shadow within them. truly very special moments. Dad also knew all the stars and constellations by name. He taught me how to identify the big dipper, orion and his belt, and many others. The story goes that one night when I was 5 or 6, we were out watching the stars, as we gazed at the heavens, I asked dad "where do I fit into all of this"?, Dad would tell me later as I was grown that he was amazed and speechless by such a profound question coming from so young a child..
  6. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Handmade Tropical Rainforest Collection Tropical Rainforest Messy Edges Tropical Rainforest Alpha Sets EMA_BrushSet_Long Texture (Retired)
  7. Laura Louie Forever Love Carolyn Kite "Bundle of Joy Girl" (retired) Fonts: Agent Orange, Breakout Photos: Personal
  8. Wordy Month Template by LLO, Unconditional Gloss Styles by CKI, Sweet Treats by OAWA, Possibilities by KK, Another Year Older by BHS, Shadow Styles by SNU, Bundle of Joy by SRO, Love Notes Alpha by Meredith Cardall. Font is Century Gothic.
  9. mimes1


    My Tribe Collection Biggie Homebody Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Handmade Tribal Waters Paper
  10. This was for the title challenge several weeks ago. I try to work some of my older photos into challenges whenever I can. This is Thomas's birthday from 2001. One of those little boys is having a wedding open house in our back yard on Saturday. Toy Trains Collection Biggie by Laura Louie All Aboard Nano Collection by Syndee Rogers Thanks for looking!
  11. BG was made using the swatches created from this photo & the tut from Technique Tuesday by LLO, Autumn Country Market by KK, May 2022 SS Club by LAS, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Hardela.
  12. Hinged Photo Frames by KP, Handmade Brushes by LLO, Wesley’s Christmas Collection by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Oceanside Typewriter.
  13. Wordy Month Template by LLO, Unconditional Gloss Styles by CKI, Sweet Treats by OAWA, Possibilities by KK, Another Year Older by BHS, Shadow Styles by SNU, Patriette by EBA, Just My Speed by AHA, Love Notes Alpha by Meredith Cardall. Font is Century Gothic
  14. Celestine

    Touring Milwaukee

    Laura Louie: SSPT: Piecemakers 1 SSET: Good 2 Go Brush Set: Wander Boy Joy A Joyful Day Sunday Morning Deco Dreams (retired) Fonts: Crimson Foam, Dialog Input Photos: Personal
  15. Handmade by LLO, Bookshelf Solids Neutrals by KP, Textile Styles by PJU, Metalizers Styles by LAS, Art Crush Glitter Styles by ABR, Book of Scraps & One Yellow Paper by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU, Font is Paper Phil.
  16. Wordy Month Template by LLO, Sweet Treats by OAWA, Possibilities by KK, Another Year Older by BHS, Metalizer Styles by LAS, You Can Fly by CW, Shadow Styles by SNU, Love Notes Alpha by Meredith Cardall. Font is Century Gothic.
  17. I made the cheese & pear brush and the background! Everyday Stories by SNU, Rustic Reflections by LLO, Shadow Styles by SNU, Heart Scatterings Brushes and Chunky Stamped Alpha by KP. Font is Gamelight.
  18. Journaling: The calm, happiness and joy I feel when everyday is a “me” day is overwhelming. No longer working outside the house, driving, or raising babies has unleashed a freedom in me to be as creative as I was born to be! All the art supplies I collected over the years are finally being used to create mixed media projects, cards, tags, and many other crafts. I simply jam to a great playlist or listen to a fantastic audiobook and let the show begin! I used a layout template by Katie Pertiet, Handmade by LLO, Wordsmith and Shadow Styles by SNU, Journal Artsy by MPE, Art Crush by ABR. Font is Pea Missy.
  19. Celestine

    Puzzling Ancestors

    Laura Louie Sunday Morning Collection Biggie Brandy Murry SSPT: Torn Paper Masks Font: Type Right! Photo: Personal
  20. http://store.scrapgirls.com/Homebody-ValuePack.html Value Pack: But Mom Artsy Blocks 22 Templates by Miss Fish ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Comic Shapes Belle went through a phase in her teenage years when she didn't want her photo taken. She worked really hard to thwart my efforts. I told her one day I would scrap those photos. That day has come!
  21. Journaling: Things always work out for me. Seriously. Not bragging, but they do. What’s funny is that people who really know me would disagree. Living with a degenerative neurological condition isn’t what you typically think of as “everything working out for me”. But it still does. I either win or I learn something and do it again. No worries. There is always something to be thankful for! Gathering by KK, Shadow Styles by SNU, Botanical by BMU, Rustic Reflections Brushes by LLO
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