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Found 23 results

  1. Marie-Christine

    Task #22

    I believe this is my last card. On any given day, I changed my outfit more than once. Always doing some form of exercise after work, but always wear jeans.
  2. Marie-Christine

    Task #23

    So enjoyed making this card, I'm still using this weeks tutorial from Amy on my fonts. I got the music in me, (Kiki Dee sang that one) LOL Supplies in exif properties
  3. Marie-Christine

    Task #24

    My computer desk, I cut out the desktop from plywood myself and shaped it into a curve, sanded it down and varnished it and balanced it on an old desk, I have so much space. Photo on the left is what I fancy turning it into.
  4. Marie-Christine

    Task #20

    My day begins with my cup of tea (PG Tips) and I switch to coffee in he morning and back to tea for the rest of the day. Supplies in Exif Porperties
  5. I couldn't resist, I had to this TBT. I only just located this photo of my paternal great grandmother, I didn't know her nor what she looked like until 6 days ago, did some work on the family tree, I met my great grandfather at the same time. Isn't that amazing.
  6. Marie-Christine

    Task #18

    Least favorite of my day was, getting stuck in the Friday traffic after work. Just wanted to start my long weekend.
  7. Marie-Christine

    Task #16

    The river Severn flows a stone throw away from where I live in Bristol UK, two bridges span across the river and connect Wales to England. Love the views from the bridges. See this everyday when i drive to work.
  8. Marie-Christine

    Task #15

    I'm currently reading on my e-reader 'Leaving Pimlico'. Story from the Resistance during WWII, my favourite topic. Before that I was reading the last book in Ken Follett Trilogy, following a family during historic events around the world. Excellent read.
  9. Marie-Christine

    Task #14

    My home town of Oostende in Belgium - Photos of beach where I spent many happy years discovering nature. Pictures from Beeldbank Oostende Supplies in Exif Properties
  10. I took several selfies this afternoon when I got back from my jog, I couldn't remember how to use my self-timer on my camera,read the manual and I set it to take a photo after 10 seconds, by that time I started to giggle and felt silly LOL, good fun though.
  11. Marie-Christine


    I always start my day with my berries: kiwi fruit, apple, berries, honey and apple&mango juice
  12. Marie-Christine


    My cell phone is not just a phone...
  13. I had trouble choosing a color so I came up with this color: A spectral colour is a colour that is evoked by a single wavelength of light in the visible spectrum, or by a relatively narrow band of wavelengths. I chose a spectrum gradient and paste a black layer on top and brushed away with the eraser,
  14. I took several photos in my garden looking towards the west as the sun was going down. I was also hanging up the washing, I set the settings on my camera for sunset scene which gives it a warm glow and start effect. This was taken at around 19:30.
  15. Not too sure about this card, did it a bit too hastily.
  16. Wonderful memories of when we were kids, I was 6 and my sister was 4, I was wearing my mother's glasses and her slippers and my sister was holding her doll.
  17. Sunshine & Rain. Supplies in exif properties. tfl
  18. Home is where the heart is. supplies in exif properties. TFL
  19. Marie-Christine

    Task #2

    Journaling reads: swim first thing, food shopping, gardening, mowing the lawn, hanging up the washing, making the beds and went out for a jog. Supplies used in exif properties tfl.
  20. GNV


    © Vaught

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