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  1. Cherise Oleson Baking Bread Chere Kaye Star of Night Carolyn Kite "Fall Moments" SG Aug 2023 Club Florju Designs "A Great Day Masks" (retired) Fonts: Boardmarker, Franklin Gothic Book, Handwriting CR Photo: Personal
  2. Trixie Scraps Autumn on the Lake Aimee Harrison Bakers Dozen Brandy Murry Shabby Bakery Brooke Gazarek "Kitchen Stickers" Fonts: Alphakind, Arial Photo: Personal
  3. Marlene Peacock Autumn Spice Adrienne Skelton Giving Thanks Tami Miller Sweetie Angela Blanchard Orchardist Ginny Whitcomb "Grandma's Kitchen" (retired) Fonts: Sweet Strawberry, Simple Print, Arial
  4. AFT Designs Blissful Collection Biggie Brandy Murry Dinner Party Susie Roberts Brush Set: Christmas Past Biggie Angelle Designs "Chalk It!" (retired) Fonts: Gill Sans Ultra Bold, Cambria Math, Arial Photo: Personal
  5. Blue Heart Scraps Let's Get Fruity: Berries VP Fonts: Grobold, Century Gothic, Arial Photo: Personal
  6. Chere Kaye Sassafrass Aimee Harrison Bakers Dozen Marlene Peacock Global Gourmet Mexican Collection Ginny Whitcomb "Family Recipe Word Art" (retired) Ginny Whitcomb "Family Recipe Paper Templates (retired) JIC Creations "Cozy Kitchen" Violet Irisovna "Vintage Kitchen" Fonts: Calibri, Tourmaline Printed, Arial
  7. Aimee Harrison The Perfect Peony VP Blue Heart Scraps I Grew That VP Tami Miller Grown with Love AFT Designs SSET: Photo Masks - My Sweet Brandy Murry Botanical Jessica Dunn "Garden Tales" Fonts: Calisto, Arial Photos: Personal
  8. Carolyn Kite Mama Mia Pizzeria Angela Blanchard Woodland Botanical Font: Hello Raleigh, Arial
  9. Blue Heart Scraps Fire Up the Grill VP Fonts: Rio Oro, Cambria
  10. Aimee Harrison Better Together Elisha Barnett "Dandelion Days" (retired) Ginny Whitcomb "Grandma's Kitchen" (retired) Ginny Whitcomb "Fall Farmhouse" (retired) Fonts: LD Shelly Print, Arial
  11. Carol W Designs Lemon Story Value Pack Carol W Designs Blue Heaven Angela Blanchard Home Canning Embellishment Biggie Fonts: Calibri, Wednesday, Arial
  12. Carolyn Kite Mama Mia Pizzeria Fonts: Franklin Gothic Heavy, Perpetua, Arial
  13. Diane Rooney Lemon Grove Value Pack Syndee Rogers SSET: Fancy Recipe Cards Fonts: Childhood, Shadows Into Light, Arial
  14. Carol W Designs Follow Your Heart Brandy Murry Shabby Bakery Fonts: Bell, Manda Script, Arial Photos: Personal
  15. Carol W Designs Follow Your Heart Brandy Murry Shabby Bakery Fonts: Bell, Manda Script, Arial Photos: Personal
  16. Aimee Harrison American Pie Value Pack Fonts: KG Rise Up, Blue Highway, Traveling Typewriter, Arial
  17. Tami Miller Give Value Pack Aimee Harrison Bakers Dozen Collection Connie Prince "Farmhouse 4th of July" (reitred) Font: Anjelika Rose, Arial Photo: Personal
  18. Chere Kaye Sweet Autumn Fonts: Cinnamon Cake, Arial
  19. Carolyn Kite Mama Mia Pizzeria et designs "Olive Grove" Font: Always Together Photo: Personal
  20. Kimeric Kreations Good Eats Value Pack Font: Josefin Slab, Arial
  21. Aimee Harrison Scandia Blooms Aimee Harrison Scandia Collection Brandy Murry Shabby Bakery (pecans) Angie Briggs SSPT: Blendology Photos: Personal Fonts: Dearest, Tw Cen MT, Arial
  22. Aimee Harrison Fireside Warmth Value Pack Marlene Peacock SSDLT: 4x6 Gourmet Kitchen 3 Fonts: Cute Stitch, Tahoma, Arial Photos: Personal
  23. ScrapGirls "Holiday Traditions" (freebie) Syndee Rogers Fruit Salad VP Fonts: Blue Cheries, Anjelika Rose, Arial Photo: Personal
  24. Blue Heart Scraps Hug In A Mug Value Pack Marlene Peacock Global Gourmet Mexican Collection Biggie AFT Designs SSET: Lively Frames Fonts: Handwriting, Underhand Photo: Personal
  25. Syndee Rogers One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Collection Biggie Angie Briggs You Are Collection Biggie Aimee Harrison Bakers Dozen Collection Fonts: Dearest, Tx Cen MT, Book Antiqua, Showcard Gothic Photo: Personal
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