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  1. Angela Blanchard Cowboy Up Embellishments Biggie Kimeric Kreations A Chill in the Air Brandy Murry Calico VP Carolyn Kite Ride Em Cowboy Brandy Murry SSPT: Torn Paper Masks Angie Briggs Texture 101 VP Angie Briggs Grunge VP Fonts: Stone Soul, Pea Tiffany, Poor Richard Photo: Personal
  2. Celestine

    Horses on Beach

    Susie Roberts Hazy Summer Syndee Rogers SSET: Framed Masks Font: Cardenio Modern Photo: Personal
  3. Carol W Designs Endless Waves VP 2 Worlds Art Digital Page Blenders Set 2 Font: Fontix Photo: Personal
  4. Amy D

    Grass is Greener

    White Spaced 2 Templates by Miss Fish, Hand Cut Alpha & Shadow Styles by SNU, Aussie Antics by Kmess
  5. Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg CA Feb 2023. I used Snow Birds by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU, Life Paper Styles by AFT, Unconditional Gloss Style by CKI. Fonts are Goldmind and CKI.
  6. Amy D

    Iveagh Gardens

    Journaling: Iveagh Gardens, hidden in the middle of Dublin Ireland. How many writers spent time here, getting inspiration and ideas for their wonderful works? Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Maeve Binchy or Bram Stoker ... ? Once a private garden but opened to the public in 1817 Clonmell Lawns/Coburg Gardens had fallen into disrepair by 1860. Ownership changed hands again and a winter garden was created based on the Crystal Garden of Sydenham in London. Eventually the buildings on the site became the University College of Dublin until they moved in 1961. After undergoing extensive renovation in 1992, Iveagh Gardens was re-opened to the public and is now under guardianship of the OPW of Dublin. I used Wordsmith and Shadow Styles by SNU, Mixed Media, Waterbed Brushes and Gesso Paper Texture by 2 Worlds Art, Unconditional Gloss by CKI. Font is Impact Label and Bookmania.
  7. Amy D

    NYC Subway Art B

    Your Story by ABR, Stamped Alpha & Numbers by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU, Christmas Dream Glitter Styles by Silvia Romeo, Journal Artsy by MPE. Font is Billionaire Grunge.
  8. Amy D

    NYC Subway Art 1

    Wordsmith & Shadow Styles by SNU, Stamped Alpha & Numbers by BMU. Font is Billionaire Grunge.
  9. Left side of a DPLO - Journaling: Take a look inside the oldest library in Ireland. Founded by Archbishop Narcissus March. Construction began in 1703 and the library was opened to the public in 1707. Housed here are book from Marsh’s personal collection (over 10,000 books) as well as manuscripts from Bishop Edward Stillingfleet, Dr. Elias Bouhereau, Bishop John Stearn as well as many other important documents. I used Artsy Templates 23 by Miss Fish, Read A Good Book by TMD, Shadow Styles by SNU, Dirty Paper and Rustic Styles by LAS, Art Crush by ABR. Font is IM FELL DW Pica
  10. Right Side of DPLO - Journaling: Among the manuscripts is a volume of the Lives of the Irish Saints in Latin from ca. 1400, as well as 16th century madrigals and other musical pieces, and manuscripts on theological, legal and medical matters. In some of the bookcases there are bullet holes from the Easter Rising that occurred across the street! I used Artsy Templates 23 by Miss Fish, Read A Good Book by TMD, Shadow Styles by SNU, Dirty Paper and Rustic Styles by LAS, Art Crush by ABR. Font is IM FELL DW Pica
  11. Aspenglow by CKH, Watery Flakes No2, Date Strip Stamps No6 and Art Pack Lace No2 Brushes by Katie Pertiet, Shadow Styles by SNU
  12. Journaling: If you walk the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, be sure to look down for JK Rowling’s handprints! Grandma’s Steamer Trunk by KK, Flowers Vol 2 by LAS, Gathering by KK, Shadow Styles by SNU, Unconditional Gloss by CKI , Bower Bird by SRO. Font is Polandic
  13. Be Creative by ABR, Snow Birds and Mulled Glitter Styles by AHA, Sunrise Sunset by KK, Textile Styles by PJU, Swirls by TPSS. Font is Hello Sunday
  14. Journaling: Victoria Street in Edinburgh is said to have been the inspiration for Diagon Alley, where Harry and his wizarding friends buy everything they need for a school year at Hogwarts. Others will say The Shambles in York is the real inspiration for the whimsical Alley. I used Bower Bird by SRO, Remember The Magic by DBH, Weekend Market by BoBunny, Shadow Styles by SNU, Unconditional Gloss Styles by CKI. Fonts are VVDS_Le Bonjour and Grad.
  15. Amy D

    Fairy Doors

    Journaling: There is evidence of otherworldly beings all around us. Just look at the fairy doors in the Hazelbrook Reserve in the Blue Mountains of Australia. These fairy doors can be seen as you wander along the lush trails. Visit Fairy Falls, or Horseshoe Falls. Take in the beauty of this magical place! I used Fairy Garden by GWH, Be Creative by ABR, Madison County by BMU and Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Glittery and Chalkline.
  16. Focus Group Winter 2 Templates by Miss Fish, Winter Retreat by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU, Unconditional Gloss Styles by CKI
  17. Amy D

    Jeanie Johnston

    Journaling: Originally meant to haul non-living cargo, the Jeanie Johnston became famous for helping desperate Irish families escape during the Great Famine. Between 1848 and 1855, the ship made 16 voyages to North America, sailing to Canada and the US. On average, the length of the transatlantic journey was 47 days. The most passengers she ever carried was 254. To put this number in perspective, the replica ship is only licensed to carry 40 people including crew. I used Grandma’s Steamer Ship and Blue Jeans and Lemonade by KK and Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Bohemian Typewriter.
  18. Amy D

    Umea Sweden

    Artsy Blocks 20 Templates by Miss Fish, Dreamscape and Nutcracker Glitter Styles by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU
  19. We Love to Travel by KK, Escape Masks by florju, Dog Gone It Alpha by TMD/AHA, Life Papers Styles by AFT, Shadow Styles by SNU
  20. Painted Overlays by DRB, We Love To Travel by KK, Dog Gone It Alpha by TMD/AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU, Life Papers Style by AFT
  21. Celestine

    Ecuador Adventure

    Miss Fish Take A Hike Templates Connie Prince Backyard Bonfire Photos: Personal
  22. Amy D

    Edinburgh Castle

    Worn Treasures Frames by PRD, Madison County Collection by Brandy Murry, Don't Be Ble Alpha by DRB, Shadow Styles and SS Banners by SNU
  23. Connie Prince Pure Magic-Mouse Love Value Pack Marlene Peacock SSDLT: Simply Blended 3 Fonts: Belagiana Flowers, Arial Scans: Personal from Disney Vacation Maps
  24. Aimee Harrison Through the Lens Collection Aimee Harrison Through the Lens Word Art Angie Briggs Grunge Value Pack Font: Coffee for Breakfast Photo: Personal
  25. My son and his wife and five children spent Christmas in London and Paris this year. This is a photo of my granddaughter, Maggie Jane, sightseeing in London. For the background, I used a photo from Google Images and used effects to turn it into an oil painting. ITEMS USED: EMA_Amalgamation_BrushSet1_Brush4
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