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Found 13 results

  1. I started this project in my lunchbreaks when the World Tour started but didn't get it finished in time. I wanted a retro look for my poster and all I used was just rectangular and eclipse shapes and added gradient color overlays to my shapes. The smoke and cloud shapes were added by holding down the shift key so that the circles merged as I drew them. TFL
  2. This Bridge is in Lisbon, Portugal and is 10.5 miles long. We rode across on our bikes, and rode all the way into Los Barrios, Spain with an overnight stop on the way to Gibraltar following day. Supplies in exif properties. TFL
  3. Photo taken on my cell phone when we arrived in Dublin Airport, flying with Aer Lingus, from Bristol for our connection flight to New York- Dec 2015. Supplies in exif properties
  4. Love Pandora. Whilst visiting and exploring New York, I stopped in the Pandora shop in Central Station, New York and we had our photo taken inside. Supplies in exif properties. TFL
  5. My penguin photos were too blurry to use them . So I got to work on this LO and came up with 'The heartsong" sung by Emperor Penguins. Supplies in exif properties The penguins start courtship in March or April, when the temperature can be as low as −40 °C (−40 °F). A lone male gives an ecstatic display, where it stands still and places its head on its chest before inhaling and giving a courtship call for 1–2 seconds; it then moves around the colony and repeats the call. A male and female then stand face to face, with one extending its head and neck up and the other mirroring it; they both hold this posture for several minutes. Extracted from Wikipedia
  6. Supplies: SNU Be Positive Collection JOD Masks Unlimited 1 & 2 SNU_Styles Shadow Me Added building: ABR_SSPaper_StreetGrunge_2
  7. Tried to take photos of the Thunderbirds Airshow in May as they whiz by at Mach 7! Ha! One of Colorado's 14'ers (Pikes Peak elev 14,110) can be seen in the BG. Working on the 2nd page of the plane that crash landed (pilot ejected safely) so I'll post when finished. Supplies in EXIF. TFL!
  8. We visited the largest aquarium in Europe situated in Lisbon, Portugal as part of our motorbike touring holiday in March 2011. I video'd the jelly fish and freeze framed to get a still, so pleased that it worked. Amazing to watch. TFL Supplies in exif properties
  9. I used BMU_Ultimate Artist_Action for my sketch. TFL. Supplies in Exif Properties
  10. Aaah Spain my spiritual homeland. Supplies in exif Properties.
  11. I got my inspiration from an old calendar I kept, each month features a stunning location in Europe together with a image of it's typical cuisine. Supplies in exif properties
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