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Found 17 results

  1. A Sky Full of Stars Collection Biggie A Sky Full of Stars Embellishment Mini Borders A Sky Full of Stars Embellishment Mini Clusters Grow Old Along With Me Silhouettes She Drew New Lines Alpha Pack A special memory I have with my dad is when he would call me out to our north facing front porch, usually on a hot summer night to watch the Northern lights. He would tell me that if we sat real still and quiet we would see them dancing low on the horizon. the lights were mesmerizing and magical as we studied the movement of light and shadow within them. truly very special moments. Dad also knew all the stars and constellations by name. He taught me how to identify the big dipper, orion and his belt, and many others. The story goes that one night when I was 5 or 6, we were out watching the stars, as we gazed at the heavens, I asked dad "where do I fit into all of this"?, Dad would tell me later as I was grown that he was amazed and speechless by such a profound question coming from so young a child..
  2. GWH_FallFramhouse (papers) Retired Happy Go Lucky Collection She Drew New Lines Collection Biggie (all things green) Words to Live By: Kindness: Collection (Pennant) Here and Now Collection (graffitti) Font - Garamond Apple Light Photo from Belle Flanagan The little itty bitty flag that Belle is "holding" says "HERE I AM". You probably can't even see that it's there unless you zoom waaaaay in! When Belle first showed me this picture I didn't see her in it at all.
  3. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Handmade Tropical Rainforest Collection Tropical Rainforest Messy Edges Tropical Rainforest Alpha Sets EMA_BrushSet_Long Texture (Retired)
  4. Tiffany Glass Paper Pack Tropical Rainforest Collection ScrapSimple Digital Paper Templates: Blender 2 Here and Now Collection Got a little carried away adding, and adding, and adding more stuff to this layout! @Boatlady I had so much fun seeing you twice this summer!
  5. Journal Artsy Paper Biggie MFish_Artsy Two Step Layout Template (Retired) GWH_Summer Reverie (Retired) Photo by Bridgeclmb Sydney (Purchased by Belle) Fiework photo and small Opera house photo by Belle Flanagan Journaling by Belle Flanagan
  6. Value Pack: Storyteller ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Fusion Masks Photo by Frank Frost
  7. The beach at Santander, Spain. We always book the same hotel, and manage the same room up in the tower, with a beautiful sea view. Last stop before we catch the ferry back to England. Photos were taken from the hotel round window, there were 4 big round windows and you could see the beach from each one. Supplies in exif properties. TFL
  8. Love Pandora. Whilst visiting and exploring New York, I stopped in the Pandora shop in Central Station, New York and we had our photo taken inside. Supplies in exif properties. TFL
  9. Some of our photos from our road Trip through Spain in 2012. We headed for the Pyrenees which took 3 days to get there, all the roads were opened and we got to the top of the mountains and skiers were on the slope. Spectacular views and riding through the mountains into France and then back again into Spain, all the way up and all the way down. Just incredibly beautiful.. Supplies in exif properties. TFL
  10. Tucked Frame by Ang Campbell Opposites Attract. Template by Ange Campbell Jif 6; Font: ChisledOpen
  11. Largest Aquarium in Europe, Lisbon Portugal. Stop over for the day before heading back on the road on our bikes. Amazing place.
  12. The last international city I visited was Barcelona, Spain, at the end of my Mediterranean cruise last year. Such a beautiful city! This layout only scratches the surface of all that I saw, but hopefully it conveys the spirit of the city! Supplies: Life in Pictures SSDLT by Syndee Nuckles Via Dolorosa paper by Elisha Barnett Fonts: Future Lt Bt Light, Myriad Pro Made in PSE 12 The text reads as follows: "The last morning of our cruise, we sailed in to the port of Barcelona in Spain! This was the fifth country I had visited in two weeks. Our group chose to stay in the city for a day, flying home the next morning. I’m so glad we did. Beautiful!!" "This city underwent a major overhaul in anticipation of the Summer Olympic games in 1992. Taking a hop-on/hop-off bus tour was a spectacular idea, giving us a chance to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. The rest of the group hopped off at La Sagrada Familia (upper left), a church designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction on this minor basilicia began in 1883, but it’s only just past the midpoint in its progress. Some are saying that it’s expected to be completed in 2026, one hundred years after Gaudi’s death. The photos on the bottom show some other well known structures that characterize the modernism of the city. The Torre Agbar, which looks like a bullet, marks the gateway to the technology district in the city. It’s 38 stories high. Next is a sculpture called Barcelona Face, designed by Roy Lichtenstein. And lastly, there’s a giant lobster. This smiling creature in fiberglass was originally designed for a seafood restaurant. When the restaurant closed, the city council bought it to add some character to the waterfront near Port Vell."

    © roocmc

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