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Found 23 results

  1. From the album: Carolyn Kite

    Value Pack: It's A Jungle Out There 1 (with bonus) by Carolyn Rose Kite http://store.scrapgirls.com/Value-Pack-Its-A-Jungle1.html
  2. roocmc

    Asian Beauty

    Supplies: KME_AYOZoom_ButterflyFX Fonts - Berlin Sands FB Bold, LD Text Me

    © roocmc

  3. roocmc

    Winter Wonderland

    Few people visit the zoo in the winter. Do they know what they're missing? Supplies: GWH_RingInTheNew (freebie) BMU_SSEmb_ShadowedFrameClusters CED_LifeGoesOn LLO_FlakingOut (freebie) JZI_GildedChristmas (freebie) Font – LD Creative Made in PSE13

    © roocmc

  4. Journaling: “Born in November 2013, this pretty boy has grown to over 200 pounds. Named by a poll, Humphrey is a zoo favorite! I’m not sure who was behind the door, but they definitely had his attention for a bit.” Supplies: SNU_SSPaper_MerryMint BMU_SSEmb_ShadowedFrameClusters BMU_TravelJournal MRE_EndlessPossibilities Fonts – LD Text Me, LD Creative Made in PSE13

    © roocmc

  5. I took these photos nearly five years ago (2 Jan 2010), but I never get tired of looking at them! Since these pictures were taken, Foli (the pacer) has sired two litters of Sumatran Tiger cubs. Anya (napper) has left the Columbus Zoo family. Supplies: BMU_SSCal_BBlenders_2015 BHA_Sassy_StardustCinnamon JSM_GreatOutdoors Font – Arial Made in PSE13

    © roocmc

  6. I love excuses to use my latest zoo photos in a layout! I used Jody’s tutorial to improve on the color & clarity of my picture. There are three hexagon shapes I created with PSE13’s custom shape function. The ribbon and frame SSEmbs were colored using a solid color adjustment, while the circular frame was colored using the Glass Buttons style. As for the white space, I thought arranging everything on the diagonal would provide an interesting flow. Supplies: LLO_ SSPaper _SpinWheels LLO_SSPaper_SubtleSchmutz LLO_SSEmb_SpinWheels ABR_SSEmb_CapturingLife (Frame) JSM_BrushSet_dD_Cal2014 Made in PSE13

    © roocmc

  7. roocmc

    Soft Kitty

    Even with all but the pinks desaturated, you can still tell what this beautiful creature is, right? Don't you just want to snuggle up with her? I enjoyed watching her at the Toronto Zoo. Supplies: BHA_Sassy_StardustCinnamon DEB_AutumnRiches SPI_Chronicler Font - LD Creative Made in PSE13

    © roocmc

  8. Journaling: "The Toronto Zoo opened their Giant Panda exhibit in May 2013, and the pair are here for a five-year stint. During my visit, Er Shun, the female, spent the whole time eating bamboo. Da Mao, the male, was sleeping. He did get up and move, but only to a more comfortable sleeping location." Supplies: JSM_dD-pageGrids GWH_SoftlySpoken (paper) JSM_dD-Calendar2014 DEB_AutumnRiches fonts: LD_Text Me, LD Creative

    © roocmc

  9. Moments are fleeting, but photos are forever. Thank goodness! This was such a cool moment during my early-morning tour at the zoo. Supplies: JSM_GreatOutdoors_Paper SPI_Anniversary_FreebieABR_SSEmb_CaptureLife ACA_JustJournaling_Paper BMU_BrushSet_Alpha_GrungeBlock SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe Fonts - LDJ Squirrel Tracks, LD Text Me

    © roocmc

  10. It's fantastic when I can get a picture of a koala with its eyes open! Supplies: BMU_Coastal VRA_BrushSet_StainedGlass COL_DynBrush_Prints COL_DynBrush_Tracks Font: Palatino Linotype Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  11. The four cubs were just so cute to watch! This was my first time seeing all four of them out in the tiger enclosure. Supplies: Friday Freebie goodies BMU_SSEmb_ShadowedFramedClusters BMU_BrushSet_SketchyAlpha BMU_ActionPack_UltimateArtist Font: Orator STD Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  12. In the morning light, Tomo looked quite regal! All supplies from BMU_Coastal Font: Orator STD Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  13. These Colobus monkeys were clearly up to no good. They must come from Philly's west side, lol. Supplies: SNU_ComicStrip Paper Mini Special (freebie) DCA_ComicBurstsSequel (word art) DCA_PocketLife_ComicBookHero (background art) Font: Peanuts Made in PSE12 I will note that I had some issues with the type...adding the "K" in "monkey" caused the text to shift in a strange way. Will have to research this...

    © roocmc

  14. roocmc

    Polar smackdown

    A nice & simple layout... the image is fun all by itself! Supplies: BMU_SSStyles_Graphic Novel COL_SSStyles_Constellations SNU_SSStyles_Chalkboard I also applied the Graphic Novel filter to a copy of the image and reduced its opacity to even more simplify the image. Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  15. roocmc


    Journaling: "Watching the cheetahs run in the “Heart of Africa” region at the zoo, I learned that there are two points in their running technique where a cheetah’s four feet are ALL off the ground: at full extension and then when the legs are fully contracted. Catching images of those moments then became one of my photo goals." Supplies: SNU_SSPaper_Woodlandia ABR_SSEmb_StackThem ABR_Falling4U (Alpha) MRE_SSEmb_PocketPlus_Photomasks Font: Trebuchet MS Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  16. roocmc

    Black-footed Cat

    Journaling reads: "The black-footed cat is the smallest cat in the world - even smaller than the domestic cat! At the Philadelphia Zoo, their adult female, Aza, gave birth to the first litter here on April 8, 2014. The kittens’ names are Drogon, Rhaegal & Viserion. These felines are so adorable!" I thought it was a cute idea to put "black feet" on the title characters, so using All.The.Colors. from the challenge helped to set off the dark brushwork. Supplies: MPE_SSDLAT_Week52 ACU_SSPaper_SummerFrenzy ACU_SSAlpha_Sanded Fonts: Tempo Heavy Condensed, Trebuchet MS Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  17. roocmc

    O line

    A must-see when visiting the National Zoo in Washington, DC, is the O-Line, a series of ropes and towers that give the orangutans an express route from one habitat to the the other. An amazing sight to see, without a doubt! Supplies: Layout Template (Pocket Plus by Melissa Renfro) Paper & title alpha (Inspire Me by Cherise Oleson) Alpha (Nat'l Zoo) & Washington DC sticker (Pack Your Bags by Ginny Whitcomb) Edging brush (Path Strokers Dynamic Brush by Chere Kaye Edwards) Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  18. roocmc

    Brothers Found

    I was excited to visit America's first zoo, but then when I found out that Dimitri & Wiz had been moved there, I was ecstatic. They were the first animals at the Philadelphia Zoo that I stopped to photograph for an extended period. These Amur Tigers were born in the Columbus Zoo in 2012, so I've gotten to see them grow up. Supplies: BMU_TravelJournal (papers, alpha, embellishments) ABR_SSEmbTearPhoto2 Fonts: Tempo Heavy Condensed, rooAGB Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  19. The title page of my layout for a trip I made with friends to the Toledo zoo.

    © Grace Vaught

  20. The manatee pool at the zoo brings me so much peace. These gentle giants are a joy to watch. Featuring items from the July Scrap Simple Club, all by Armi Custodio: paper from Summer Frenzy, water drops & starfish from Summer Essentials and word art from Summer Sentiments. Also, the brush frames are from Brush Set: Borders. Font: Bernard MT Condensed Made in PSE 12

    © roocmc

  21. roocmc

    Here, Kitty, Kitty!

    Plenty of fun to be had at the Columbus Zoo! Modern Day DLOT by Brandy Murray Modern Day Word Art by Brandy Murray Fonts: 1942 Report, Tempo Heavy Condensed, RooAGB (personal handwriting font) Made in PSE 12

    © roocmc

  22. Perhaps I was a bit too literal in working with the sketch, but it's still very fun! All papers & embellishments from Brandy Murray's Travel Journal kit Fonts: Tempo Heavy Condensed, RooAGB (personal handwriting font) Made in PSE 12

    © roocmc

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