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Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed

Kim F.

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Hi Kim,


You will want to download all of the files for the type you wish to use. I recommend the QuickTime version - so you want to get all of those files plus the documents file. The Windows Media files are there in case some PC users can't get QuickTime to work for them. It is rare, but it happens.


You'll need all of the folders to get all of the movies. Each folder has multiple movies in it. Unzip them all. I would recommend that you then move all of the movies into a single folder that you have set up. Name it something like Scrapbook Secrets. This will make watching the movies easier. The movies are numbered so that you can understand what order to watch them in.


The reason the movies have to be delivered via a lot of folders is because the file sizes are large. If I put them in a single zipped file, no one could download them - even if they were on cable. Too big! Too much! This way, you can get them download.


Hope that helps!

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