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Cs3 Dilemma: Windows Or Mac?


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Here's the scoop....


My Windows desktop box is (1) old, and (2) dead. I dislike Micro$oft.


DH's Mac mini is old. We plan to get a new Mac mini, with the Intel chip. It will be able to run Windows.


Okay, being more realistic: I hate Micro$oft. I have no desire to get Vista, having seen some weirdness myself and having heard more horror stories and knowing that some of my software won't work on it. (Heck, my work machine still uses XP.)


My work laptop...which is what I use at home, too, with the justification that I need to learn to use the work-supplied Photoshop better... runs XP. (I'm a software documentation writer; old boss had a big budget set aside for software at the end of a year and wanted it spent... hey, no problem, let's get new software for everyone on the team.)


Now... DH wants an upgrade to art and photo software. One option for him on the art front is Painter (the full version, not just the Essentials version; it'd be an upgrade for him). But if we can get CS3, he'll go for that...especially if it's the Extended version (eep! $$$$), which would let him paint on top of the 3D renderings he does.


So, here's what I'm staring at:


Do we get the Mac version of CS3 and run it native, or get the Windows version of CS3 and run it under Boot Camp? Or run it under Parallels or something similar? (I read something the other day that Vista actually runs faster on a Mac than on most native Windows machines...! But I'm not really planning on getting Vista....)


Has anyone had experience running CS3 under Boot Camp, Parallels, or anything else that runs Windows on the Mac? Or have any idea what the real-world performance and feature comparison is for CS3 on OS X vs. Windows (of any version, but likely Leopard vs. XP)?

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Found this thread that might answer some of your questions. I don't have any first hand experience though.


Hope that helps! I was faced with some of the same questions, as I was considering buying a Mac (for the first time). I ended up ordering a new PC (from dell, with XP installed instead of Vista) and using the 'extra' money to buy CS3.


Good luck with your decision! I know it can be frustrating and hard to find the answers!



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I have a new HP PC with Vista and love it I have Creative Suite CS3 and all runs great with two exceptions one) the bridge doesn't have a preview of the file's contents like in my file browser and the auto updates have issues I do manual updates and no problem...


I know this wasn't what you were asking but just additional info for you and all... If we were starting completely over and no cost issues we would be with Mac... (we just have way to much invested in PC programs to change)


Hope your quest is a smooth running one!!!

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If we were starting completely over and no cost issues we would be with Mac... (we just have way to much invested in PC programs to change)

The newest Macs run Windows just fine. :-) Look for info about Boot Camp.



Thanks for the link, Christy -- I'd forgotten about that one (have actually read it before). It is, unfortunately, a bit outdated now...I wish someone could run that with the current OS!

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