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Share The Love Game...


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We all love to read how much people love our layouts; however, I speaking for myself have to admit I am really bad at leaving it, so I wanted to create this game. Here is how it works...


1) Find a layout in the gallery that needs love (meaning no comments made)


2) post the layout on this thread and lets share the love


3) Once you post your love let us know on this thread


4) Once the layout gets (10) comments it is your choice to post a layout from the gallery of your choice. It could be yours, or it could be one that you really like of someone elses that you think should get recognition.


Sound easy enough? Lets have fun now leaving love.


Here is the first layout to post (10) comments to:


I have picked this one because it has been viewed 7 times and not a single comment when it should...


Father's Day 2008

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