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Penelope Stokes


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i love time travel, and when i found her books i read 4 of them in 2 days!!!


heres my faves of the ones ive read:



Abby Quinn McDougall is a Southern lady whose once picturesque small-town life seems to be shrinking. Widowed at fifty and burdened by the care of an ailing mother and a cantankerous teenaged daughter, Abby wishes her life were simpler and her responsibilities fewer. Abby's daughter, Neal Grace, devastated by the loss of her doting father and the illness of her beloved grandmother, wishes for change, for the chance to break free from other people's expectations. And Abby's mother Edith wishes only to be liberated from life itself. her wishes take her back in time.


But wishes often backfire. As their wishes begin to come true, the Quinn women start to wonder: Could it be that their old life wasn't so bad after all? Is it possible that the answer to their deepest longings has been right in front of them, all along?



THE MEMORY BOOK ( my fave!!!!!)

a true time travel book!!!! imagine switching places back in time with a relitive???

a modern woman finds spiritual guidance in the past. The heroine is Phoebe Lange, a likable professional who finishes graduate school and makes a long-overdue visit to her grandmother, who raised her. Phoebe then learns some surprising things: her father, who murdered her mother, is about to be paroled; and she had a great-aunt with the same name who died in a car crash on the night of her high-school graduation. In an Alice in Wonderland twist, Phoebe has a fall while reading her great-aunt's diary and drops back in time to live out her namesake's final days.



THE TREASURE BOX ( 2nd fave)

An enchanted blue tin chest sets in motion a course of events that threatens to change the life of a bitter travel writer in Penelope Stokes's entertaining novel The Treasure Box. Vita Kirk won't let anyone get close to her: "Where most people had what psychologists call boundaries, Vita had always had fortresses." Even the charming Hap Reardon, owner of the Pastimes Antique Shoppe, can't penetrate Vita's tough veneer. But when Vita purchases and brings home a painted treasure box with the inscription "Love Is the Key That Unlocks Every Portal," strange things start to happen. Suddenly, her computer takes on a life of its own by showing Vita events from the past involving the blue antique. By the time the story of the treasure box disappears from Vita's computer, her life is turned upside down... but it might turn out to be the best thing that happened!!!!







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I just happened to scan the message board tonight and saw your post. I, too, am a fan of Penelope J. Stokes!


My favorite book is, "The Blue Bottle Club." I'm delighted to see that she has written several books! My summer reading list grows longer by the minute!!

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