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Acdsee Photo Manager 2009 Question


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I'm considering upgrading to the ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 from version 10 because they are having a sale right now for upgrades, and the new version has organize-while-uploading capability. Now, I'm not actually organizing with the ACDSee database categories, but I like to caption most of my photos. I really like to caption best in my PSE5 Organizer, where it's so easy; unfortunately, PSE Organizer runs agonizingly slowly. ACDSee is fast, but it's more cumbersome to caption. sigh


Anyway, my question relates to captioning (and organizing) during the process of uploading photos from camera to computer with ACDSee Photo Manager 2009. I tried it, and it appears that you can only caption the photos all the same. I tried only having one photo check-marked at a time and typing captions, but the caption applied to all the photos.


Am I missing something, or is it really this limited?


I see no point in upgrading if that's the case. Please inform me if I'm mistaken. Thanks!

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I haven't tried to do this yet in my version as I use Picasa to transfer my files from my camera to my EHD, but I have some new photos to get off my camera tonight, so I'll give this method a shot and let you know if I can figure it out!

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Guest faerywings

Hi michelle,


Are you using the Caption box when you import?

Here is a SS of what the import window in PM 2009 looks like.


I am sorry if it is hard to see it clearly.


But you can see on top of the screen, I have three photos to import, I can check them all or check any number of them by using the check box on each thumbnail.- including by date. (top left)


I think that if you select the photos you want to "multi-caption" with the same caption by checking them (or unchecking the ones you don't want captioned) then add the caption, choose where you want to import them too- then they are removed from the Import list.

Then you can go to the next batch, select them, add your caption and import.


The import by date feature is very helpful to me- and I imagine that if you want to caption them by a date/event it will be helpful to you too.


I really like the new import feature so I would recommend upgrading it, IMHO :)



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So I have to import each photo one at a time if I want to give each one a different caption? I'm captioning in a journaling sort of way. I had decided to just stick with uploading photos with PSE uploader, captioning them in Organizer, and then organizing in Windows. But your post makes me want to go back and try again to figure out how to caption photos individually. And easily. Otherwise I might as well stick with PSE.


Thank you for the help!

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