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I Am Ready For Thursday! How 'bout You?

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Well I checked & the lights were still on here ladies when I got up. . .LOL. . .


While "we" slept last night SYNDEE delivered her AWESOME DESIGNS. . .And BOY did she DELIVER !!!!!


What's a girl to do??? WANT EVERYTHING in the Boutique. . .HOW CAN WE MAKE UP OUR MINDS???


And don't forget it's only 6 days & counting till THURSDAY AGAIN. . .



Well....looks like I missed alot when I left! Debi....do you and monkey still have my cart? I need to add a few more items it seems! LOL!


Melissa. . .OF COURSE we held it for you. . .Guarded it with our lives. . .LOL. . .Monkey can you still push Auntie Melissa's cart??? Here I think she needs these too. . .

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Oh, My Goodness! Did you all see Syndee's Well Travelled Collection? I ran with my cart to the checkout with the AWESOME boat stickers from Valerie, the cool actions, brushes (picked up the baking bread brush from last week) and styles, and now already have them sorted and filed away to use! Whew! Who knew shopping would be this much of a work out! You all spoiled us this week as usual with fantastic products and a wonderful sale plus an extra coupon!!! Can I just say AMAZING!!!!! WOW!!!

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