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Getting My First Dslr!


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Robin - you are going to love your new camera - I have the same one - Sandi is the camera guru though so she can tell you all about it - I now need the telephoto lens to go with mine but pricing them - AAARGH! So much money - did yours come with one?


Hi, Sara! Glad to learn you have the same camera also - now there are three of us :2468who-do-we-appreciate: The extra lens are $$$! Canon has been running a special, with camera and two lens = $200 instant rebate. So I did get the telephoto lens, as well as the kit lens. The lens I got is the 50 - 250mm, which does a great job. I am going to order the 50mm/1.8, I read such great things about it and it is right about $100. Then I am done with the lens buying for a very long time, as I think I should have everything I need to keep going for awhile!


I have been following Sandi on this board, as she does seem up on it, as well as quite a few others that have been using DSLR for quite some time. I can already tell that I am going to LOVE having this camera. Anxious to learn along with you and Sarah from VA! We shall have fun!

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