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Camera/lens Suggestions


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Hi! :waving-hi:


I told my DH last week that if we "ran into some money" (lol) that I'd love to have a new camera...not this moment (well, of course this moment would be great) but hopefully before our little bundle of joy arrives. So...before August. And in case she/he wants to show up early like the boys did...then before July. lol


I've been using a point and shoot. A fairly nice one with lots of manual settings on it. But...I'm "ready" for a step up.


I can't start out with all the bells and whistles. Meaning I know that there are a bunch of different lens (lenses?) out there.


So, what should I be "happy" to start with? A camera and whatever lens it comes with? I'm used to my little camera taking nice macro shots. Is that possible with whatever lens would come with a camera? Or do you have to have a separate lens? More importantly, probably, is that I love to zoom in across the yard or playground etc. Should I get decent zooms with what comes with the camera? I really want nice indoor shots of our baby. You know, the sweet bundle sleeping in the crib, etc. So, the lighting would not be super bright on all of those occasions. How well those turn out...is that up to the make/model of camera or the lens or just me getting the settings right and a tripod?


Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm sure the man at Wolfe Camera will gladly give me his suggestions...but I'd like to hear what people have to say that aren't trying to sell me something.


Thanks so much!


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First of all, Char, I didn't know you had a new one coming - a huge congratulations on that one!


As for a camera, there are so many choices and prcies and things to consider, it will make your head spin! Before purchasing my recent (and first) DSLR, I had read that the camera itself is "only the body" and probably has the least impact on your output. Rather the lens, lighting and you yourself as the photographer are what make the picture. So with that said and reading what you want, I guess the next important part would be your budget.


You can go with a DSLR, and would need a camera body and a lens or two. I ended up with 3 lens, which includes your basic lens with small zoom range, another lens for zoom and the 50mm "nifty fifty" that many talk about. That would be perfect for shots of the new baby. It does close-ups without much flash needed and is lovely to have. Depending on which camera body you selected, I would guess the cost of this sort of set-up would run $700 - $1000 for a starter camera and the lens I listed above, or even more if you are willing to spend more. The Canon Rebel has a few choices of cameras that would fall into this price range. I believe Nikon doees too.


With that said, there are also some great advanced P&S cameras that do an excellent job. Canon has a G-Series that allows you to make many of the changes apeture, shutter speeds and ISO that the DSLRs do. I have a G-7 (which is a few years old, I believe the current is G11) that does excellent pictures. I have many beautiful shots from this camera and continue to use it along with my Canon Rebel. You can add lens to this camera, as well as extra flash. I think it runs around $450. Canon also has an S series that runs a little less, but does excellent pictures.


So I think whatever your budget allows for, you will be able to find just what you want. With the DSLR camera, it is something you can expand (lens and flashes and such) as your budget allows and if you ever upgrade the camera itself, you should be able to use the current lens and such that you already bought.


You will have lots of advice and lots to consider - good luck with it all and mostly, congratulations on that new baby to be!


Blessings to you and your family.

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Yay! You're ready to move up. Robin has given you a bunch of great info. My suggestion....go to Wolfe and look at them, hold them, listen to what the nice camera sales people tell you, go home and look things up online. go back to Wolfe once a week with more questions, get the feel of all those neat cameras again and then come back home and do more online research. I ended up going with Canon instead of Nikon for the ergonomics. Canon cameras fit in my hand and so I can "drive" them better. Both are good and Sony is coming out with more and better DSLRs too. As far as the Canon cameras go, the Rebel series is the group of cameras to start with as far as DSLR is concerned. You can get an XS for a great price these days and also the XSi. If you are interested in the video (for the new little one) then the Ti1 would be the way to go. Most come with a short zoom, the 18-55 IS. Decent sort of all purpose lens. The nifty fifty runs about $100 and is an awesome lens. There are several zoom lenses and macro lenses that start getting more expensive. Tameron and Sigma also make compatible and comparable lenses and tend to be a little less expensive. When you get ready to buy, do not, repeat, do not pay store prices. Once you know what you want order online. Go with a reputable supplier. B&H is the grandaddy of all camera stores and are reputable beyond words. You cannot go wrong with them. Amazon is also a good source and I've never had any problem with them. I've also used Costco and not been disappointed.


Go to Wolfe and start checking them out. This is one area that impulse buying is bad, bad, bad, so if that money just happens to fall into your hands, then have your research all done and you can order what you decide on. also, try to get it at least 3 or 4 weeks ahead of time so you can get used to it before the baby comes. You'll want gorgeous photos of the baby and there is a learning curve with every new camera.

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robin and sandi have really said mostly all i could add.... and as robin said think about the lens...they are the most important...a 50 mm 1.8 would be great to do the natl light photos of baby...and most pros even use them.... you might think about that and how the extra f stops will be great to have and maybe more important than the across the playground zoom shots you are thinking of... you will have to figure out what is most important for you so that you can get what you want now and keep on growing your camera bag goodies


i have canon as well..for the same reasons that sandi says...it just feels better in my hands... you def as sandi said need to hold and feel the cameras... and you will see what fits you best...another thing i considered is that cameras i had before , my point and shoot were canons so the learning curve as it relates to what they call things, the icons, buttons etc is easier, with many things being the same from one canon to another


in addition to going into wolfe i might consider calling b and h...they are very helpful on the phone and you can explain what you have been looking at and what you want to do w the camera and see what second opinions you get


i also buy from them and they are great as is amazon too.... there are a few sites when you research that may have lower prices but be weary...i have heard some bad stories about some of them


good luck, enjoy the search/journey..and let us all know what you get

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Ditto to every bit of advice Robin just gave you! Plus one more thing: It's difficult for one camera to be what you will want in each and every situation, so if your present camera takes great macro shots, please continue to use it for this. I'm sure you can get a great macro lens for a dSLR (I think Margot and Caren have them) but if your P&S does the job, that's just one less lens you'll have to worry about buying and using.


Like Robin, I've just recently gotten my first dSLR, a Canon T1i, but I still use my Canon S series camera and my little Canon P&S in certain situations. Generally it's a matter of location - I live in a 3 floor house - and it depends on which camera is closest! I have 2 lenses - the one that came with the camera, a 18 - 55mm, and a 55 - 250mm zoom. And I have the "nifty-fifty" on my wish list! It's a fairly inexpensive lens, around $100 - and you can get one for every make of camera. I think you'll really love this one for the new baby shots!


Read a lot, everything you can find, about cameras and go to your camera shop and hold some, get the feel of them, use them. Get one that is comfortable for you to use, one that fits in your hands nicely.


Lots of things for you to look forward to in the coming months!

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I need to go "play" at the camera store. lol

There is a Best Buy closer to me that I could go "hold" them more often to get the feel of them. But, I seem to trust the Wolfe Camera man's knowledge about them moreso than the Best Buy people. (sorry Best Buy)


I'll start with the info y'all have given me and expand from there.



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But that doesn't mean you can't buy from BB - I got my kit online from BB at a great price, which included Rebel T1i, Kit lens, zoom lens, Canon camera bag, extra battery, 4 gb card, and UV filter for lens. It was $899 with $50 rebate. It was quite a bit more at B & H at the time I purchased mine, so do price compare once you know what you want!


How fun - a new camera and a new baby -


life is good....

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Robin...I "get" you. lol The time or two that I spoke to someone at the Best Buy near me, they didn't seem to know a whole lot about the cameras. Whereas the time I talked to the man at Wolfe Camera, he seemed like a wealth of info.


Once I figure out what I want (can afford, too lol) I'll look to see who has the best price. And is reputable as well.

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I truely reccomend Char once you have found the camera of your price and dreams go to EBAY!! Deals you can not believe and savings galore! I just got a new lens for my camera at a company in NY that has been in business for 49 years


I am very satisfied all oll my purchases from ebay "stores" and the bundls alot of them have are unbelievable!! You really should if nothing else check it out ok

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I think you've gotten some great advice here about your camera purchase(s). I started out with a Canon Rebel XT and loved every bit of it. My daughter now has the same camera as her learning camera and is taking some wonderful photos from it. I know they've come out with some upgrades in that series (as Sandi said) so you will be happy with them if you go that route I'm sure.


You can just buy the camera body you want and then purchase your lens' separately. Every store should have this option, if you decide the kit lens isn't for you. (I have seen some wonderful photos taken with that lens so I wouldn't count it out as a "bad" lens)it's just a matter of whether the range of it is right for you.


Once you have your camera you will be buying lens' for that camera so make sure your lens' are Canon (or what ever camera type you chose) friendly. Nikon and Canon are not interchangeable, but you can use Sigma as well as Tameron, which are slightly less expensive. I have a sigma lens that I just love, and have heard great things about Tameron as well. I would look for lens' that have the IS ability as this really helps a lot with camera shake. You may pay a bit more, but they're worth saving up for. You can get a bad lens from time to time, from any camera company, but before deciding if it's a bad lens or not, make sure you know what you are doing with the camera to make sure it's the lens that's the problem and not that you are doing something wrong. :) It's a learning curve to use a dslr, but so worth it.


As someone above said, you also want to get your camera a few weeks or months if possible before you want to use it for something special, so you've had time to learn how to use it. The Understanding Exposure book by Bryan Peterson will get you taking a manual photo from the beginning of the book. It's how I leaned to shoot manually and is very informative and helpful. He uses a Nikon (I have canon) but it doesn't matter, because the cameras all work similarly and he says that in his book. Christy is teaching a class right now using his book and it is wonderful.


I'd go with dealers you can trust for your camera body and your expensive lens choices so if you do have a problem with them you can return them. B & H is my shop of choice for expert advice and shopping, although I have found a few places on Amazon to be reputable as well. I can go look them up for you if you'd like.


If you ever purchase a product from a store, online or otherwise, and they call you/ or are insistant that you have to upgrade something in order to make your camera work right, CANCEL the order immediately. That is how a lot of dealers get their money from you by putting their cameras up for a lower price than many other places, and then convince you the camera won't work if it doesn't have "this card or battery" update.


There are lists of places to find out if company's have been targeted as bad sites, but they do change their names often so it's hard to keep track of them, and if something does happen to your camera, well, you can imagine trying to get them to respond.


Have fun learning how to use your new camera and I can't wait to see those baby photos when they come rolling in ;)

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This was a great message strand to read as I am considering the possibility of maybe looking (LOL) into researching the numerous :rolleyes: and various DSLR's out there to perhaps find out if I am ready to buy one. Money is always in short supply and there are just so many choices, but I would really like one as I have missed the manual settings of my cameras I had prior to digital-Nikon will no longer fix my manual camera; they have moved totally digital. So thanks for all the info-I will take this information for future reference.


Congratulations Charlene-can't wait to see some baby pics! :winking_baby:

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