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Firework Photo Tips!

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These past threads helped me to take some awesome photos one year!! i hope to take some more this year.


I hope they help you! Tripod is a must!! lol if you can.



Fireworks Photo tips Thread


and this website


How to photograph fireworkds



Then when you are all done, check out the great patriotic kits in the boutique for your layouts:


Patriotic Themed Products


If you have more suggestions, ideas etc (make sure they are okay with the TOU) please share here!



Angela N.

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Angela thank you so much for posting this again. I just visited that photography website and it sure has a lot of interesting articles on everything the beginner could want to know. I'm going on a 4th of July Fireworks boat cruise on Sunday evening and lots of the tips on how to photograph fireworks will certainly come in handy. I have my little Gorilla Tripod all ready to take with me for shooting the fireworks. Can't wait.

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here is an article to add to the info...its from canon


i just read it and it gives some good tips...i am hoping i can try the multiple shots ....with the baseball cap....


oh another tip i recall from the one year i did try to take fireworks photos...bring a flash light...it is usually dark and who the heck and remember where some of the camera buttons are if you cant see them..lol


happy 4th to you all

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