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Great Amateur Photography Tips!


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On the blog Grosgrain she recently had a photo week and I thought the info was so great and a lot of it was totally new-to-me. I thought I would share.


I especially liked these posts:


The Dreamy Diana Lens:

So you can get the "toy camera" look (with your DSLR!!!!) without going through the hassle of actually owning a toy camera and shooting film and getting it developed etc.



How awesome is this light scoop? It only costs $30 and it greatly increases the lighting quality on your indoor shots when you have to use your built in flash.

I strongly hinted that I would LOVE one of these for my birthday…. lets see if the Mr. comes through for me.



And I couldn't help but share this...

Elmo scrunchie for your camera. Hilarious and adorable.



Any other great tips any of you have run across recently? I would love to hear.

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