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Best Laptop For Digi Scrapping With Pse 11?


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Hi all,


I am wanting to buy a laptop to replace my desktop. I wondered if anyone has an idea of what might be the best laptop to get. I am somewhat technologically challenged and don't know the latest best things on the market. I have looked at a Costco sale computer that is an HP Envy dv6t Quad laptop. It seems to be a good price. I am wondering about the screen resolution which is 1366 x 768. It has 12 gb memory and a 1 tb hard drive. I would welcome any thoughts.


Thanks, Cindy

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Since no one has come along, I'll tell you about my HP.

I just bought a Mac Pro laptop, but it is sitting there, and I'm still using my old HP Pavilion dv7 entertainment notebook, with only 4 mb memory and a smaller hard drive. I got the 17" screen on this. It has been a good one. The most problems I've had are to do with virus software and Windows updates messing up my software. It is still pretty fast as long as I keep about half of the hard drive empty so it can work. I think this is dual core.

That should be a pretty good pc you are looking at. I like Costco's extra warranty and call in service. I bought this one from Costco about 5 years ago.


When April gets back she can probably offer more information. Barbara also is a pc guru.



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