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Two Versions Of Pse On Macbook Pro?

Deb C.

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Was wondering if you can have two versions of PSE and PRE installed on a MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard) at the same time. Does it slow down the laptop?


If you can, how does it work? Do the pictures just show up in whatever version you open to use?


Was thinking about having version 9 and 11 on same laptop, if possible.




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I'm not sure about a Mac, but I have 2 version of PSE (5 and 9) installed on my PC desktop and laptop. I don't run the programs simultaneously. Not sure it really slows things down much, but it does take up a lot of program memory.

I set PSE 9 to be the default program for PNG and PSD files, so 5 will only open when I tell it to.

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