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I Don't Get Picasa I Need Help Please


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Ok first off I downloaded Picasa (and then deleted it) and it scanned my entire computer(which I didn't want it to) all of my pictures and scrapbooking supplies are stored on my EHD organized in folders. I want to be able to search Picasa for certain things instead of opening everyone of my folders to look for something I need for a page. My first question is can I only have Picasa scan my EHD and not my computer; 2nd question: also can I bring in one folder at a time so I can tag it individually so I'm not overwhelmed. I would like to tag and organize all my scrapbooking supplies and leave my pictures only in their folders on my EHD as they are organized in a way that is easy for me to find.


Thanks so much for your help



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Someone more experienced with Picasso will probably be along to help, but meanwhile I'll try.


Picasso doesn't move your files unless you tell it to, but just catalogs them.

Go to TOOLS, then FOLDER MANAGER. there it will show all the folders on your computer. Click on 'scan once" or "scan always" or "never" folder by folder. It will then redo your scans. You can start with one folder if you like. Just turn everything off except the one you want. sometimes I open the real folder to jumpstart the scanning. I change scans frequently to scan an EHD or new purchase. I usually just keep my new purchases in my Download folder and have it always scan my download folder.

Hope this helps. I like Picasso-it's fast. I seldom use it because I just usually go to my own files.

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Thorough Picasa Thread


Here is the link that April was talking about. I love Picasa. It changed the way I scrap!! The most important thing to remember about Picasa, is that it is a search engine. It's made by Google, right? So think of it as a search engine for YOUR stuff. It doesn't change things or move things (unless you tell it to). Search in the same manner that you would in Google. Use "quotation marks" and "+" to narrow your search. Go to "Tools" > "Folder Manager" to tell it what to search. You can click it to search automatically every time, or just when you tell it to. You can tell it which drives to search too.


I think if you open your Picasa and read through the thread and try things as they are discussed, you will learn some of the ins and outs and tricks of the program. Hopefully that should answer alot of your questions. Remember also you don't have to tag things in Picasa if you don't want to. I tag my favorite photos so I can find them easier by using the "Quick Tags", but for my scrap stuff I never tag. Scrap Girls has a special nomenclature for their products. For instance, if I want something of Brandy Murry's, I'll type "BMU_" into the search box. All of Brandy's stuff pops up like magic! Lets say I want a green ribbon, I'll type in "Green" + "ribbon" and all my green ribbons will pop up. If I want something brown, I type in "brown", and everything brown will pop up. And it's FAST!! Lets say I want a brown flower from Brandy, I would type in "BMU_" + "brown" + "flower", and voila, I have a ton of brown flowers. Truly like Magic!


Hopefully you will learn to love it as much as I do. It really is a good program.


Good Luck! Post again if you have more questions.

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