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September Speed Scrap


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It's time for some Speed! Join Carla (crs) at 8 pm et for the Speed Scrap Crop! I'll give you 6 tasks, spread out over an hour. You'll then have an hour to get it finished and posted in the gallery!


Task #1. Choose an older photo(s) from your photo library to scrap. Any number photos you want. How old is up to you!

Task #2. Choose a solid , a striped and at least one other paper.

Task #3. Use at least 5 embellishments, plus some stitching.

Task #4. Include an arrow on your layout and add a style.

Task #5. Use a brush to add interest to your layout in any way you want.

Task #6. Use at least 2 fonts for your title and at least 3 lines of journaling. Add any last minute touches and upload to the Speed Scrap Gallery.

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Unfortunately I'll be at my kids' Frisbee game the first hour of chat, so if I get home quickly and they can wait for dinner, I will try to catch up in the 2nd hour. Besides I can't seem to get chat to work any more so will have to depend on the forum for details. Have fun and depending on how complicated your design elements are I may get to play along.

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