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High Noon Crop

April Showers

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Join me, April Showers, each Wednesday at 9 am Pacific, 10 am Mountain, 11 am Central and Noon Eastern Time for the High Noon Crop. These crops are designed to allow you to work on your own photos and themes simply giving participants a one hour goal and a fun, new challenge each week.


On October 2 we'll have an Everyday Life challenge. Create a layout highlighting some of those everyday moments. (My plan is to catch up on some of my weekly layouts).


Create your layout and upload it to the special High Noon Crop and Challenge Gallery. You'll be amazed what you can get done in just one hour, but there is no High Noon Sheriff timing you! Hope to see you in the chat room!

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I still need to write up a little post on getting into the new chat interface, but I want to make sure you can get in! If you have trouble getting in, try this link.


You will need to enter your Display Name from the forum (the one that shows when you post) if this is different from your log-in. If you have a space in your name, you will need to insert an underscore. Your chat room name should look exactly like it did when the chat automatically logged you in.

The password is your forum password.


You can choose java, flash or mobile.

Java will bring up warnings. You can choose to run java on this application. We are safe!

When I first logged in, I got some other security warning and an advisory to update a plug-in. I believe this comes because we can copy and paste in the chat again. It will ask for permission to use your clipboard should you want to copy and paste in the chat.


Flash will load a chat screen with a few less features. You can't float or expand the chat window. But hey, it doesn't need java.


Mobile is for your smart phone or tablet. We've tested and gotten in with several Android phones and tablets, the Kindle Fire HD, and the iPad, iPhone and iTouch.


You may want to test it out before the chat.

It took a few of us several tries to log in the first time.


Let me know if you have trouble!

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