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How To Upload A Layout To The Gallery

April Showers

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How to Upload a Layout to the Gallery

Step 1. Go to the main Gallery page and click on the thumbnail image of the category in which you would like your layout to be seen.
For example, I am uploading a layout I created of a vacation, so I will click on the Life Events & Travel thumbnail image.



Step 2. When you open the main category, you'll find many of them have sub-categories.  If necessary, click on the sub category that you'd like. I chose the Travel & Vacation sub-category for my layout.
When you are in the correct gallery, click the Add Images button in the upper right hand corner of the page.



Step 3. On the next page, you can upload your layout(s) one of two ways.  You can either drag or drop your files into the box or you can choose the files from your computer. Either drag your photo to the “Add Images” section or click on the plus sign to select a file from your computer. You can set the copyright, credit and notification settings on this page.


Step 4. The next page will show your uploaded image(s). You can easily upload more than one image at a time in the gallery, but please don’t flood the gallery. We prefer that you don’t upload more than 2-3 layouts at a time.


Step 5. To edit the details of the image, click on the image, and the editing boxes will show on the right. When you are finished editing, click on the Submit all images box and your image(s) will upload to the gallery.


Tutorial written by April Martell


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This is so helpful, April, thank you! 
One question.   When I uploaded a layout last night I forgot to click “Notification Settings” to know when comments are made.   I went back in to edit I couldn’t find a way to then change the notifcation to be notified so I finally deleted and did it all over.
Is there a way to change that setting once the layout has been posted?

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