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How To Create A Custom Signature

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How to Create a Custom Signature


Your Forum Signature appears under each post you make in the Forum. You may leave it blank but many members like to have a custom image showing their name. This tutorial will show you how to create a custom signature.

Screen shots created in Photoshop CC.


Step 1. Open your Scrapbooking software and start a new image. It is easier to create a signature if you start with an image 3 x 3 inches or larger. In this example I started with 4 x 4 inches and a transparent background.

Create Siggy 1.jpg


Step 2. Create your signature in the same way you would a layout, adding embellishments and your name. In this example I kept the background transparent but you can add a background if you wish.

Step 3. Save your signature as a layered PSD file if you wish.

Step 4. Crop your signature so there is as little empty space around your signature as possible. If you have a lot of blank space around the image, it will show much smaller in the gallery.

Create Siggy 2.jpg


Step 5. The Forum will only accept Signatures that are 225 x 225 Pixels or smaller, so your image will need to be resized. In Photoshop go to “Image”, then “Image Size”.

Create Siggy 3.jpg


Step 6. In the box that pops up, first change the resolution to 72 Pixels/Inch. Then change the dimensions to 225 Pixels. If your image is a rectangle, change the longest side to 225 Pixels.

Create Siggy 4.jpg


Step 7. Save your resized Signature as a PNG file. A PNG file will keep your background transparent. First go to “File”, then “Save As”. Give your Signature a title and click the drop down menu and choose PNG. Finally click “Save”.

Create Siggy 5.jpg


You are now ready to upload your Signature to the Gallery.

Unless your signature is for a Challenge or Game, upload your image to the Message Board Signatures Gallery. The Gallery is found under Calendars, Hybrid and Printable Projects.

For details on how to upload an image to the Gallery see the How to Upload a Layout to the Gallery Tutorial.


Tutorial written by Valerie Tuffrey

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