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How To Post Links In The Forum

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How to Post Links in the Forum

Posting a link is pretty easy once you try it! First, you type in the word you want to have the link attached too. Then highlight that word by clicking and dragging your mouse over all the letters you want included.

Then go to the page you want to link and copy the address by highlighting it, right click and choose Copy.

Return to your post, and click on the link button, that looks like a chain link with a little green plus on it.

When the dialog box pops up, click in the URL box, right click and chose Paste to add your link to that box. Then click OK.

Your chosen text will now be underlined and in a different font color than the rest of your text.

That's all there is to it!

Note: If you are using IE 11, the above method will not work. You can try the method below or use another browser.
1. Type your text up to the point where you want to paste
2. Click on the "light switch" in the upper left corner of the editor box (it seems to toggle off all formatting options at that point).
3. Paste
4. Toggle the "light switch" back on to continue editing.


Tutorial written by Carla Shute

Special thanks to Westina for the IE11 work-around.

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