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How To Add Blinkies & Badges To Your Signature

April Showers

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Not only can you have a custom, personalized signature, you can add bling to it too! And it’s never been easier!

To start out, find a blinkie or badge you would like to add to your signature. We have tons of blinkies that are for different groups within Scrap Girls, such as the Monthly Motivators or the World Tour Forum Game blinkie.

A list of all the blinkies available can be found here: News and Announcements> New Blinkies.

You can also grab a blinkie from any signature that already has one you would like to add. But please be aware that some blinkies are by invitation only, such as Designers or Creative Team.

Let’s start with the list of blinkies. I want to add the “Scrap Girls 10 Years” blinkie.


Grab blinkie.png


Click on the link under the blinkie. Copy the URL address from the bar.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.22.06 PM.png

Click on the drop down arrow next to your username in the upper right hand corner of the forum home screen. Then click on Account Settings.



On the left side, click on Signature, with the cute little pencil icon next to it!




Place your cursor in the signature box in the position where you want the new blinkie to be placed.



Right click and paste the URL Address. The address will show up for a bit, then the blinkie will appear, with the message: Your link has been automatically embedded. Click on the orange Save button and it’s done!



Want to know a secret? There is an even easier way!! Just right click on the image of the blinkie and choose “Copy Image Location”. Then in the signature box, right click and paste the blinkie where you want it, and it will appear! There will be the same message as above: Your link has been automatically embedded.

Again, click the orange Save button and your blinkies are added!


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