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Viewing Profile Comments And Comment Notifications

April Showers

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Viewing Profile Comments and Comment Notifications

To leave a comment on a member’s profile, see this tutorial: How to leave a Comment on a Profile


If you want to be notified when a comment has been left on your profile, you will need to set your notification preferences. Once you have set your preferences, they will remain in effect until you make changes.


Editing Your Notification Settings.


1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the forum and your member information box will pop up. Now click where it says “My Settings."

SS 1.jpg

This will take you to your General Account Settings page. Look in the “Comments & Visitors” section and be sure there is a check mark in the box next to “Allow members to leave comments on my profile."

SS 2.jpg

2. Choose “Notification Options.”

SS 3.jpg

On the right hand side of the page you will see two columns of check boxes: One labeled “Notification List” and one labeled “Email."

SS 4.jpg

3. Scroll down the page to the section labeled “Profiles & Friends”. Just below that you will see “Notify me of comments made on my profile."

SS 5.jpg

4. Check the settings.

  • When you check the box in the first column to the right, when a comment has been made on your profile, you will see a red notification pop-up icon on the main forum page.
  • SS 6.jpg
  • When you check the box in the second column, you will only receive an email notification when a comment has been left on your profile.
  • When you check both boxes, as I have done in the screen shot below, you will receive both a red pop-up icon on the main forum page and an email to notify you that a comment has been made on your profile.
  • SS 7.jpg

5. After checking the boxes for your preferences, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

SS 8.jpg


Now when another member leaves a comment on your profile, you will receive the notification type you have indicated in your preferences.

I have checked both columns on my Notification Preferences page:

When I am not signed in to the forum, I receive an email notification letting me know a member has left comment on my profile.

When I am signed in and active on the forum, in addition to receiving an email, I see a notification pop-up on the page.

SS 6.jpg

Hover over this red pop-up and it says Notifications.

SS 9.jpg

Click on the red pop-up and you will see who commented on your profile. The screen shot shows that Carla left a comment on my profile. Screen shot 10

Click on the area where it says “New Comment from….” and it will take you to your Profile Feed where you can read and/or reply to the sender. Screen shot 11

Click on “Options” and it will take you to your Notification Options/Preferences page where you can make changes to your preferences if you wish.

Click on “View All Notifications” and it will take you to a page where past profile comments and past private messages are listed.

SS 10.jpg

Here you can re-read comments/messages or delete them. If you try to re-read a message and you get an error message saying you don’t have permission to do that, it’s probably because the person who originally sent the message has deleted their copy of it.

To see the comments on a member’s profile, click on their photo/avatar and then click on “Profile Feed”. The Profile Feed is a combination of comments the member has made in status updates as well as profile comments that other members have left.


Tutorial written by Theresa Guyer

SS 11.jpg

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