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I'll be moving farther west this summer, so I could probably do a meet up. Dh's new job will not require him to work 1 weekend a month like he has in the past, so that opens things up. But since we ar

Maybe the loony bin would give us a good rate on the doctors' conference room? Teehee!

Or start planning for spring - there has been talk that we need a spring meet-up this year too, since so many had conflicts and couldn't make it this weekend. I think that's a wonderful plan!

I've been watching and reading this thread and am jealous but so excited for you all! How cool...

Was hoping I'd be able to combine this with a trip to my sister's in IN, but again - this year doesn't work and I"m leaving for there next week.

Havr fun! (Need I say that?) :)

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Spring would be great! Football is over by then. All we have going on is track and golf..and i've already been told I can't go watch Justin play golf (I'll admit I didn't really want to, lol) and I'll go to a few track meets, but not many. So i'll for sure be ready for one then

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