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Let’s Play Hide & Seek!


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The way it's played, We will post something like "Show me a kit with yellow roses."   You will go into the store, find a kit, right click on that marketing..save it, and come into this thread and post the marketing image for the kit.  The first customer who posts a preview wins that round, and then we’ll post another prompt.  The prompts will be posted on the hour, each hour today (Thursday) and tomorrow. (Friday)

We are not looking for a specific kit, just a kit "with a balloon" or what ever the prompt may be in it.

Winners of each round will go into the drawing for one $10 GC - every other player will go in for a drawing of $3. Winners of each round can not win back to back.

First prompt will be at the top of the hour,

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Just now, Florida granny said:

Oh! I know this one, too!! :D    I have a (great) collection with a watering can.  I'll wait to see what someone picks and if it's different from the collection on my computer.

C'mon Celestine and everyone else: You can do it! Plus you get to browse the store again.

So Diane - is Mr. McGregor's Garden the one you were thinking of?

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50 minutes ago, Florida granny said:

Now, if I understand the game correctly, I can show a different collection? (I know I'm not the winner of this round.)

Let me know and I'll post my other "find."

Yes. You are allowed to post after you have won a round, just not back to back.

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