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September ATC Swap


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Where does the time go? The seasons are changing for all of us. We just got back to the dock so I am compiling all the cards and coins so should be sending the file later today.

1. Create your ATC -card or coin with your interpretation of the theme. Your original ATC file should be 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches or 1050 pixels x 750 pixels (can be portrait or landscape orientation) at 300 pixels per inch. Be sure to sign and date your. Post your ATC to the gallery HERE , as well, to share with all of our members. The " trading coins" either 2", 2 1/2" or 3 1/2" circles. Angie was kind enough to make a template set and you can find the free link here.

2. Email the full resolution (300 dpi saved at high quality), flattened jpg version to me at Albin40A@yahoo.com . I find it best to email your copy immediately when you're finished that way you won't have me bugging you down the road with reminders and no one will miss out on your beautiful work! AT the end of the month after collecting everything I will send  zip file to all of you.

3. For uploading to the gallery, save a copy of your ATC at 72 dpi jpeg, then upload.

Well for this month let's make a seasonal card or coin for whatever your upcoming season is. Here it's going to fall so  autumn colors will prevail but for our southern friends it is going into spring with all the pastel and bright colors. This should make an interesting  Gallery for the ATC's.  I hope you all have fun.

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34 minutes ago, ladyscrapalot said:

Well it's still full on summer here but I do love autumn. I miss the autumns that we had when I lived in MI. The beautiful colors the cooler temperatures. In Texas we just keep our fingers crossed for temps under 90.


Don’t worry - still full of summer here in NJ too!  And, it’s truly not even Autumn until the end of the month!  :) 

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5 hours ago, ladyscrapalot said:

I feel like I've neglected this month. It's still full on summer here, (wait didn't I say that early) mid to upper 90s. UGH! So ready for a little cooler weather.

This quote inspired me to make another one.

The Leaves

Crazy!  We had 90º on Wednesday and Friday/today I woke up to 55º and it was cool all day.  Crazy two-day difference.

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