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10 x 10 photo album?


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Just now got my 2017 Photo Book printed. My last couple of books I have been disappointed because my photos are too dark in the books.I talked to Shutterfly and they sent me a new book but I really can't tell the difference in the two books. I have had other books printed there and have been disappointed with the photos being too dark. I have 10 x10 books. Maybe I should probably try another place to have them printed. With that being said, I really do like having albums because you can change pages around and take out some photos that need to be taken out. (long story). I just want to go back to getting my scrapbook pages printed individually and put in nice albums. I have found out the grandkids have used pages out of their albums for some school projects. I can always have one page printed again but am a little more pickier with my hardbound books. I have searched everywhere for 10 x 10 albums to no avail.  Any ideas for me? I am thinking I need to go to put a bug into some retailers for 10 x 10 albums. Is there any interest out there for this size of album? The grandkids love looking at their photo albums but have trouble managing the 12 x 12 size. 

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