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Best Organizer for my Scrapbooking Supplies

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I currently have Pixa to organize my supplies/elements. After downloading the newest version of Catalina on my Mac, it will not work. I need to find something that will work on my iMac and iPad Pro. I have heard Bridges is a good way to go but need opinions. I have also heard about ACDSee but have heard mixed reviews. Thank for your opinions. My mind is swirling. I have to get things figured out before I transfer all my data from my old Mac Book Pro to my new iMac and iPad Pro. I have checked the forum but haven't found exactly what I am looking for yet. Thank you in advance to any helpful information I get.

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I admit, I'm not a great organizer...but as a mac user I do utilize Adobe Bridge.

Because I'm usually a 1 kit scrapper and rarely mingle elements from different kits for a page, I don't use Bridge to it's fullest potential. But, anywhooo...You can easily view all the content in a collection, and search folders for elements which is helpful. You can also add keywords to images making it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

I would search YouTube for videos of how the Bridge interface works...that may give you a better idea if it will meet your specific needs.


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I can recommend Adobe Bridge, I have used it for over 10 years now and it has always been reliable and functional, I also use it to download my photos. I have tried other software applications but I returned to Bridge. I also use it at work, working with lots of graphics and artwork, it is important to be able to locate files quickly but that function relies on good data entry. I find it very useful and wouldn't be without. I'm not sure if Adobe CC (Bridge app) will work with iPad Pro yet, I believe Adobe is looking into it, but you will need to check what will work with your devices. It is a maze trying to find something to replace what you have been using for some time, I hope you do find something that will work well for you. 

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At first I thought I was reading a post that I, myself, wrote!  I was so in love with Picasa and with the darn upgrade on the Mac I no longer had access to it.  Major bummer!    Took me months of trial and error to figure out what might work.  Should be easy, yes?  They said google photos - I have not found that to be the solution (has anyone?)

ACDSee is known not to work on a Mac - finally got my money back for that purchase.

I've been using LR Bridge and just last night started going through ALL of my collections, finding the main sheet that shows what's in the collection, and adding that to a separate folder.  I'm thinking that will allow me to scroll through the one-page files, all in one folder,  and then determine what colors/kits I want to work with and search further from there.

If someone can share an easy way to see all of what is in the folders and subfolders while quickly scrolling through, that would be awesome.  It's just not as easy as Picasa!


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