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Project Life 2021

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Congratulations @MariJ. You are February's winner of a $5 gift certificate! To claim your prize, please email: hello@scrapgirls.com

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Here's week 10 - that lovely week when we saw a hint of spring it was in the 60's - then yesterday a foot of snow.

Week 10

Curiosity question.  How important do you think it is to stay consistent with a template for the whole year so your project is cohesive?  I have a plan for the start (label) of each month and am trying to pick a kit for the base each month to keep some consistency in color for a months time but already I am straying.  I think my stash is too big and I need to thin it out lol.

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@Scrapin Pat, I don’t think it is all that important. If you want, you can even make it for a template for season to use some of your stash. It is what you want to make it, it’s your book. 

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April Photo Challenges:

April 1: April Fool’s day- photograph something funny or as a prank (think photoshopped image)

April 2: Children’s Book day- photograph your favorite children’s book or a children’s book related themed photo

April 3: Find a Rainbow Day- photograph a rainbow or something with rainbow colors

April 4: Easter Sunday- photograph something Easter-related

April 5: National Dandelion Day: Photograph a dandelion or something yellow

April 6: In honor of national wild-life week- attempt to photograph some wildlife

April 7: No Housework Day- photograph your least favorite house chore

April 8: Zoo Lover’s Day-photograph a zoo animal-related item or animal print item

April 9: In honor of national window safety week- photograph something sitting in a window or through a window

April 10: National Farm Animals Day: photograph a farm animal-related item or animal print item

April 11: National Pet Day: photograph your pet, or a pet-themed item

April 12: National Licorice Day- photograph something red and/or black

April 13: National Peach Cobbler Day- photograph something peach colored

April 14: Look Up At The Sky day- photograph the sky

April 15: World Art Day- photograph something artsy

April 16: National Stress Awareness Day- photograph your favorite stress relief

April 17: Husband Appreciation Day: photograph a husband (alternate- World Circus Day- photograph a clown. . . in some cases, both may apply 😊  )

April 18: Newspaper Columnist Day- photograph your favorite newspaper column or something newspaper related

April 19: National Hanging Out Day- photograph your favorite “hang out” spot

April 20: Look-alike day- photograph two things that look alike

April 21: Administrative Professionals Day- photograph anything office-related/craft room related

April 22: Earth Day- photograph something naturally from the Earth

April 23: Lover’s Day- photograph something you love

April 24: Pig-in-a-blanket day- photograph your favorite blanket

April 25: World Penguin Day- photograph something in black and white

April 26: National Pretzel Day- photograph something brown

April 27: Tell A Story Day- photograph something that tells a story

April 28: International Astronomy Day- photograph something related to the stars or the sky

April 29: National Zipper Day- photograph something with a zipper

April 30: Arbor Day- photograph your favorite tree or a tree-related item

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Eeek! Falling behind! I need to get caught up. We are moving assignment locations from Indian to Idaho next week. Here is week 10!

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Congratulations @Florida granny! You are March's winner of a $5 gift certificate! To claim your prize, please email: hello@scrapgirls.com
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@barbaraj, you are the QUARERLY winner of a Collection Biggie (valued at $9.99) of your choice! Congratulations. To claim your prize, please email: hello@scrapgirls.com

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