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June Photography Challenges

June 1st: National Rose Month- photograph something with a rose on it

June 2nd: National Rocky Road Day- photograph something brown

June 3rd: World Repeat Day- photograph something with repeating lines or patterns

June 4th: National Doughnut Day- photograph something round

June 5th: National World Environment Day- photograph something environmentally friendly

June 6th: National WWII Day- photograph something war-related

June 7th: National Ice Cream Day- photograph something related to ice cream (favorite flavor or cone shaped)

June 8th: World Ocean Day- photograph something related to the ocean

June 9th: Donald Duck Day- photograph something duck-related

June 10th: Herb and Spices day- photograph something related to your favorite spice

June 11th: National Flip Flop Day- photograph your favorite flip flops (alternate ides- something related to summer footwear)

June 12th: National Red Rose Day- photograph something red

June 13th: National Weed Your Garden day- photograph a weed that you enjoy seeing

June 14th: Flag Day- photograph something with a flag

June 15th: National Nature Photograph Day- photograph something in nature

June 16th: International Waterfall Day- photograph a waterfall or something water-related

June 17th: Eat Your Veggies Day- photograph something vegetable-related or your favorite veggie

June 18th: International Picnic Day- photograph something picnic-related

June 19th: World juggler’s Day- photograph something that you could juggle

June 20th: Father’s Day- Photograph your father, someone who is a father figure to you, or something that reminds you of a father

June 21st: National Selfie Day- photograph a selfie

June 22nd: World Rainforest Day- photograph something green

June 23rd: National Pink Day- photograph something pink

June 24th: International Fairy Day- photograph something related to fairies

June 25th: National Log Cabin Day- photograph something related to log cabins (alternative- something rustic)

June 26th: Beutician’s Day- photograph your favorite hair-do

June 27th: Sunglasses Day- photograph someone wearing sunglasses

June 28th: Paul Bunyan Day- photograph something with buffalo plaid in it

June 29th: National camera day- photograph your camera device (may need to borrow someone’s camera or phone  to take a photo of yours)

June 30th: National Meteor Day- photograph something related to the sky/stars

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@Tilivermore nope! Each month you post will result in a chance for a gift certificate. Welcome! Let me know if you have questions. 

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Congratulations @A-M ! You are May's winner of a $5 gift certificate! To claim your prize, please email: hello@scrapgirls.com

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@Laura  what a lovely surprise... Thankyou . 

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July Prompts

1.       National Postal Worker Day- photograph your mailbox or your post office- alternate- or a piece of mail

2.       World UFO Day- photograph an unidentified object (you can do this by getting very close to something and photographing only part of it)

3.       Stay Out Of The Sun Day- photograph your favorite activity indoors

4.       Independence Day (U.S.A.)- photograph something red, white, and/or blue

5.       National work-a-holics day- photograph something related to work

6.       International Kissing Day- photograph something red

7.       Chocolate Day- photograph something with chocolate in it

8.       National blueberry day- photograph something blue

9.       National Motorcycle Day- photograph something with wheels

10.   Teddy Bear Picnic Day- photograph something red and white (bonus if it is something on a red and white checker tablecloth or pattern)

11.   World Population Day- photograph something related to your culture.

12.   Different Colored Eyes day- photograph yours or someone’s eyes

13.   National French Fries Day- photograph something yellow

14.   Shark Awareness Day- photograph something related to the ocean

15.   Cow Appreciation Day- photograph something in black and white

16.   Fresh Spinach Day- photograph something green, or your garden

17.   World Emoji Day- photograph something with an emoji on it

18.    National Month for Weddings- photograph something wedding-related, or white

19.   National Raspberry Cake Day- photograph something pink

20.   National Moon Day- photograph the moon- or something moon-related.

21.   National Junk Food Day- photograph your favorite junk food

22.   Hammock Day- Photograph what makes you relax

23.   Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony- photograph something related to the Olympics or sports

24.   Cousins Day- Photograph something related to cousins

25.   Parents Day- photograph something related to parents (note- does not have to be your parents)

26.   Aunt and Uncle Day- photograph something related to aunts and uncles

27.   Take your Houseplants for a Walk day- photograph your house plans if applicable, your garden, or something plant-related

28.   National Milk Chocolate Day- photograph something with milk chocolate in it

29.   National Tiger Day- photograph something orange

30.   International Day of Friendship- photograph something friendship related

31.   National Watermelon Day- photograph something red, black, and/or green

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Boy, summer is making it hard to keep up. How are you all doing?  Here is my page. 

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