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May 2021 Monthly Challenges


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Welcome to May!???

Around here, May is always such a busy, busy month. I hope you have time to squeeze in some monthly scrapbooking challenges! You have all month to complete the challenges. Post your layouts in the Monthly Challenge Gallery, and don't forget to post a link back here in the thread. Monthly challenges are a big part of the Challenge Chase, so don't forget to post over in the Challenge Chase tracker thread to get credit.

Here are this month's challenges:

1. April Showers Bring May Flowers: Create a mixed floral cluster using at least 3 different types of flower embellishments (3D embellishment, sticker, brush, buttons, scatter, paper cutout, etc.)
2. Use newsprint as a background or prominently in a mask or brush.
3. Use a patterned template as a background in your layout.
4. I admit, I'm a collector. There is something fun about hunting for just that perfect piece to add to my collections. Scrap about your collection(s). If you don't collect, scrap a collection of something you see out and about.

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If you are adventurous - and patient - you can make your own patterned template for the challenge. Susie Roberts created a tutorial on how to create a repeating pattern. However, ScrapSimple products are a great source for patterned templates. I had a ton of fun looking through the templates to link here, and I added a bunch to my wish list. Here are just a few that are found in the Paper Templates section of the ScrapGirls shop: 

Chere Kaye: Countdown to Christmas Paper Templates Vol 2 (I know it says Christmas, but THESE are universal patterns)
Veronica Spriggs GeoGraphics Vol 1
Susie Roberts: Tile Overlays
Angie Briggs: Animal Print
Laura Louie: Curved Connection
Syndee Rogers: Just Funky
AFT Designs Mini Patterns 1
Ginny Whitcomb Family Recipe Patterns
Cherise Oleson: Folksy
Brandy Murry: Puzzles
Elisha Barnett: Tribal

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