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“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?… wrong. You can judge a book by it’s cover, if you make the cover say exactly what the book is about.

I have a few images that you get to use to inspire you as you create your layout. I decided we will create a book cover!

I have some images you can get inspiration from, or you can choose something from my Pinterest board BOOK COVERS.
Now you can choose your own theme from the 4 categories, or choose your own topic. You can also mix and match pieces from the book covers I have for inspiration.

I chose the angle from one of the books, with an image from another. It’s all up to you, your choice is simple.



Please post your completed layout in the iNSD 2021 Gallery and share a link back in this thread.

iNSD Prizes:

Anyone who finishes a layout for all 6 iNSD Chats by 11:59 p.m. EDT, Monday, May 3rd will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing for a $40 ScrapGirls Shop Gift Certificate! Layouts must be posted in the iNational Scrapbook Day 2021 Gallery.

There are more prizes for any participant who qualifies:

  • Complete 2 iNSD Challenge layouts, and you'll receive a $2 Gift Certificate!
  • Complete 4 iNSD Challenge layouts, and you'll receive a $5 Gift Certificate!
  • Complete all 6 challenge layouts and you'll receive a $10 Gift Certificate!

Note: When posting your iNSD layouts, please indicate in the description or title, which challenge your layout is for.

Book categories.jpg

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Here is my book cover I chose the garden cover


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Speed Scrap.

1 Photo; B & W with touch of blue

2 Use 3 Papers. CKH_GoodReads_CS_darkblue; AFT_Jubilant_Paper_SM_Red; AFT_GlitzyBlue_Paper_1;

3 Title Two Fonts: Impact Regular; Papyrus Regular

4 Use 7 embellishments








5 Arrow. EBA_Bookshelf_Emb_Arrow-Blue

6 Style AFT Artful Canvas;BMU_BrushSet_Roadmap_Star; BMMU DiffStrokes style; Visability Style; SNU Shadows Style;


CRO_85x11_SSPaper_Ornamentali_Special_Mask and frame; ASO_SSPaper_Masks_GrungyStcls_4;


A very thirsty Nikki was competing in a Western Games competition. She was to lazy to walk all the way up to where her water bottle was so she just politely knelt on the ground and drank the horses water.  Eeuw….That horse sure has a surprised look on it's face.

(I don't think she will do that today anymore)



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What a fun challenge! Here is mine. I uploaded a side-by-side image of my book cover with my page. 

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Super fun challenge, thank you so much for all the fun and the nice chatting. Here's mine, I went with kids book. Full credits in gallery. Wishing you a very beautiful May!



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