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Weekend Wildcard Challenge 6/5/2021


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Every Tuesday and Friday, the ScrapGirls e-Newsletter  offers a designer freebie, often one that is a companion piece to a recently released kit. These freebies are papers, embellishments, masks, overlays, etc. 

Your challenge this weekend is to use one (or two or three) of these freebies in your layout. As an aside, a freebie challenge was one of the first I ever participated with after I joined the ScrapGirls Forum.

Place your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Gallery, and in your thread post, link to your image and let us know what part(s) of your layout utilized the freebie(s).

Here is my challenge layout, using ALL freebies from papers to masks to brushes to overlays to embellishments.

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4 hours ago, KarenDiamond said:

I'm new here. Where do I sign up for the newsletter? I get a newsletter but it doesn't have any freebies in it, only "what's new". 


Karen - Usually these newsletters are long, so if you scroll to the bottom there is a little message that says: [Message clipped] View entire message. If you click on the "view entire message" link it will open the complete newsletter into a new window. Scroll to the bottom and there will be a banner titled "Today's Freebie." There will be a Tuesday or Friday special thumbnail that contains a link to the What's New section of the store. 

Once in the store, under the "Newest" drop down menu click on "Price" with the up arrow. The shop will reorder with the freebie listed first since it is $0. You then download it as a normal purchase through the shop checkout. You do not need to purchase anything else, but you do need to login. 

The freebies are available for a few days after the newsletter is posted.

I hope this clears things up. Let me know if this wasn't clear.

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