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November Club Behind The Scene's


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Every month we have the designers answer questions regarding their club.  One of the questions if a fun (or funny) story about the club that our customers/members might like.  

We usually work all this information into the newsletters that go out for the club.  But this month Laura gave us an amazing story, and we wanted to share the full thing with everyone here.  So here's Laura's behind the scene story about how she came up with the inspiration for this month's amazing club


It's not easy as you might think it is to pick a theme for a ScrapGirls Club kit.  When I was asked to do the November ScrapGirls club, I immediately began thinking of a theme that would be relatable to our customers, yet somewhat specific to the month of November.  That lead me to wonder, "What special days are there in November that I could base this kit on?"  I know, I know.  The answer is obvious. Who doesn't love celebrating the End of Daylight Savings Time?  But since I couldn't come up with enough unique elements for that kit, I had to turn elsewhere for inspiration.

Then I thought about Thanksgiving.  There's pumpkins and turkey and sleeping through football games.  I ask you, what's not to love?  Oh yea... Thanksgiving is an American holiday. That means many of our ScrapGirls customers don't celebrate it.  Back to the square one...

But wait!  It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving specific, does it?  Let me take a step back and look at the big picture.  What if I capture the spirit of Thanksgiving instead? Yes!  That could work!  Being thankful and having gratitude! Which lead me to ponder, "What, deep down in my heart, am I most grateful for?"

Well, I'm grateful when my parents agree to host the holidays so I don't have to vacuum and pretend to clean the house (and by "clean" I mean "hide all the miscellaneous school work and sports equipment in the nearest closet")...

I'm also grateful for when I find my boys new soccer cleats at a STEAL because their old ones smell so horrible you need a HAZMAT suit just to breathe near them... 

And I'm immensely grateful for poop bags with no holes in them when I have to clean up after Bandit on our daily walk.

But how relatable are the objects of my gratitude?  Are these things that all of our customers will understand and relate to?  Maybe not.  Some of you might have found odor-eaters that actually work on soccer cleats.

So then I took another step back (I do a lot of backwards stepping in my design work) and thought, what do all those things have in common?  Ah ha!  They all involve people I love and choose to surround myself with!  They're my peep and pets!  That's it - I'll name my club, "My Herd!"  


No?  Fine. How about My Tribe?!

So this kit is all about the people we are surround ourselves with because we want to.  Because we choose to.  Those people may not be blood-relatives, but they're important parts of our lives and we're grateful for them.  That's what My Tribe is all about.  Yes, I know that technically Bandit is not a "person" per say, but I my tribe is big enough to include family, friends, and pets.

I hope you will enjoy scrapping and documenting special moments with your tribe through the holidays and every ordinary day! Your list of gratitude items might be slightly different than mine, but let's take one last step backward and remember what we should truly be grateful in our lives.

Poop bags without holes.   

P.S. - I know some of our readers may remember that Bandit has been a tremendously important part of my life.  I just wanted to also share that he is now 14 years old and I am deeply grateful for every second we have had together and for every day (or hopefully years) that we still have together!

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I always enjoy and giggle at Laura's wonderful writing and this one I enjoyed immensely.   It is SO cool to hear how a Designer decides on her theme for a Club and to follow the trail and Laura's thought processes for this one was awesome!   I LOVE this theme because me too.  I have so many people part of my "tribe" and life who are a huge part of it and while I consider them family, they really aren't.  And some are "things" or animals or even nature.   So, I can really relate to this.

Thank you Laura and Angie for letting us share in these thoughts.  And, now I'm off fo look for the Club.    Actually, it might have already jumped into my momentarily empty cart!   ?

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This is so relateable! I can't wait to download the club and immerse in all the details! And I can even relate to the need for poop bags with no holes! Thanks for the wonderful writing Laura, and thanks for sharing all of it Angie! This has been a real treat to wake up to. 

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