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How to view what is new in the gallery.


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When we open up the home page of the Forum we see only 5 recent images from the gallery and an arrow if you click reveals 4 more.  I have been wondering if there is a way to see all the images uploaded to the gallery since I last visited the forum and I found it today.

Down the bottom of the forum  you will see on the right side "unread content" and "mark site read". If you click on the "unread content" you will see what I have shared in my screen shot below.  If you click on "content types" select images and then click on "Time Period" and choose "last visit" then click on "Save As New Steam" and then I think you can change the name of the stream which I made mine be " Unread Gallery Content"     then  click on "Stream Options" and choose set as default.

Then each time you visit the forum look to the bottom of the page and you will see "Unread Gallery Content" ( if you named it that) - click on it and it will show the images uploaded since your last visit. 


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