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UPDATED with WINNERS - Holiday Pick-a-Gift! (Week 3 game)


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Updated with Round 1 Winners - LOTS of winners this round!  The prize values are revealed on the second calendar grid below so that you can double-check me.  The dollar values represent gift certificates to the SG Shop; if you've won a prize, email Angie at hello@scrapgirls.com and let her know what your prize is.  Our first round winners are:

- Belle (#18) = $2

- BarbaraJ (#11) = $2

- Anne-Marie (#7) = $2

- ScrapGran (Laraine, #3) = $5

- Marilyn (MariJ, #8) = $5

- GraceJ (#16) = $20 (the big prize, congrats!)

- EnglishRose (Hilary, #14) = $2

- LindaHJ7 (Linda, #19) = $5

Don't forget to participate in Round 2 HERE

Welcome to Week 3 of our Holiday Traditions event!  This week we'll play Holiday Pick-a-Gift - if you've been good this year, the elves will be sure to hide a gift behind the number you choose.  If your chosen number is blank... well, that just means your letter to Santa must have been misplaced!

We will have two rounds of Pick-a Gift, so you have two chances to win. Here are the rules: 

To play, choose one number from the holiday grid, and post it below.  Everyone gets only one choice, and each number can only be used one time, so pay attention to what numbers are already taken.  (If you accidentally choose one that is taken, I'll let you know and you can pick a new one.  No penalty!)  This first round will end on Friday, December 17th, at midnight ET, and then I will post the lucky winners and their prizes on Saturday.  Round 2 will start Saturday the 18th, and end Monday the 20th at midnight ET, with the winners posted Tuesday the 21st.

Everyone ready?  GOOD LUCK and start picking!





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