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Weekend Wildcard Challenge - Jan. 15, 2022


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Good morning! It is a TWO PART CHALLENGE today! Your challenge this weekend is to pick out a kit, collection or bundle and create a layout that predominantly uses this single kit. You can pick a recent purchase, an old favorite or a kit that is being utilized for one of your current scrapbooking projects. This challenge might be difficult for those of you who like to pick and choose from among many kits! The catch is that the kit/bundle needs to be currently offered in the ScrapGirls Shop, because...... 

The second part of the challenge is to log into the ScrapGirls Shop and write a review of the kit you used in the layout. If you go to the detail page for the kit or bundle you selected, and scroll down to the bottom, there are three tabs, and the last one says "Reviews." Click on the tab and then there will be a blue button that says, "Add Your Own Review." This opens a short form to fill out regarding the kit. Just a few sentences will do, and you don't have to fill out all of the boxes if you don't wish to.

Reviews randomly cycle through the left sidebar of the shop, plus are helpful to those contemplating a certain kit for purchase. Everyone is encouraged to add a review any time you wish! Thanks for doing both parts of this challenge and adding to the health and vitality of the ScrapGirls Shop!

Please load your layout into the Weekend Wildcard Gallery and place a link in the thread below.

Here is my layout for the challenge, and if you go to the Outdoor Dad collection page in the ScrapGirls Shop, you will see my review if you click on the reviews tab. I used a previous review so that you could see a sample. PLEASE NOTE your new reviews for this challenge may take up to a few weeks to appear in the shop.

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I chose a kit and on completion of the page Kaos I discovered that the SNU Citrus Splash Mini had been discontinued.

I chose this kit for the soft pastel colours like in the rainbow. I thought it was an appropriate kit to use for this particular page. As the kit is discontinued I can't leave a review in the Shop.

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