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February Find-A-Word Game


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Hello! We are introducing a brand new ScrapGirls Game this month, called the February Find-A-Word Game. Each Tuesday this month I will be posting one quarter of a complete Find-A-Word game. So, Week 1 will have 1/4 of the grid, Week 2 will have 1/2, Week 3 will have 3/4 and Week 4 will feature the game in full. Every week there will be six scrapbook-related words to find, including colors, and those words will inspire your layouts. You can do from one to six layouts per week, and each one will count as an additional chance for the drawings at the end of the month.

But wait....there are even more chances to win! Every cumulative section of the Find A Word Game will also have scrapping and/or color-related BONUS words to find. Every week I will tell you how many words are “hidden,” but I won’t be telling you the words. Please note that the bonus words will be made up of four or more letters. Each hidden word that you find counts toward another chance in the drawing. 

You will have until midnight, February 28, CDT to complete up to 24 layouts and find up to 20 bonus words. You can private message me the bonus words you find any time throughout the month, but I will need all your words by midnight on Feb. 28. Layouts should be posted in the Hodge Podge Gallery, and links should be listed in this thread, telling us which word inspired the layout. DO NOT post layouts for the hidden words that you find – only use the six words provided each week.

PRIZES: Those who do at least one layout each week will be entered into a drawing for a $5 gift card to the ScrapGirls Shop. There will be 24 potential layouts during the month, and each one added to the gallery will get you a chance toward a $10 gift card. Finally, the cumulative layouts and each bonus word found will give you a chance toward a $15 gift card.

ANSWERS to the Find A Word Game are listed below. Word prompts for layouts are circled in black and the bonus words are circled in red. The game was difficult, and nobody found all of the bonus words. Thanks to all of the players. I hope you had fun!

Below is the complete February Find-A-Word Game. Words can be listed forward or backward, diagonal or up and down. 
Week 1                    Week 2                    Week 3                    Week 4
BEAD                       BLEND                     BORDER                  BURLAP
BOW                       CLUSTERS                BRAD                       CAMERA
CHARM                  GESSO                      CLOTHESPIN           COLOR
FILM                       GINGHAM               CROPPING               FEATHER
RED                        GRADIENT               MUSIC                      TEMPLATE
STITCH                   TAG                          PLAID                       WREATH

Bonus words: 3     Bonus Words: 4      Bonus Words: 2        Bonus Words: 11   

GOLD                     BLUE                        HEXAGON                 ALPHA 
LACE                      BUTTON                  TURQUOISE              DOILY   

TEXT                      FRAME                                                       EMBELLISHMENT
                               ROTATE                                                      GLITTER


FindAWord  Results.png

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3 minutes ago, Belle said:

So I found 16 extra words. Some are 3 letter words. Must I just guess what the correct 3 are? I'm not sure how this works. ?

Belle, the bonus words are all scrapbook or color related, if that helps. No three letter words for the bonus words. If you find more words and are unsure if they are the bonus words, just send them all to me via private message.

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1 hour ago, Celestine said:

Don't forget to find the 3 "hidden" words

I'll be sending them soon. I have to tell you I am really enjoying this Find the Word theme. I had to really hunt to find one of those bonus words. I almost gave up and then suddenly there it was staring me in the face. I love having so many layouts to do as it lets me use more of my stash.

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