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March Monthly Challenges 2022


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Here are your challenges for this month:

1. Incorporate plaid into your layout.  This can be done by using a plaid background paper, plaid embellishments, a plaid photo frame, etc.

2. Photo Challenge: Scrap a photo that shows a reflection or mirrored images (your choice).  Some examples are: The sunset reflected on the surface of a calm lake; a photo of someone or of yourself in a mirror; a photo of two identical/similar objects facing each other. Feel free to get creative with this one!

3. It's March!  Color Challenge: Scrap a layout that is predominantly green and white, with a smidgen of silver or gold thrown in.  Make sure to include a shamrock or a rainbow somewhere on your layout for good luck!

4. Heritage Crop: Create a layout using a photo or photos that were taken over 30 years ago.  (LOL... I will turn 51 this month, and I really hate to think of photos I took when I was 21 and younger as heritage photos!) Use an even older photo, if you've got one.  If finding a 30+ year old photo is difficult, think of an event or memory you have from over 30 years ago and use that as the theme of your layout.

You have all month to scrap these layouts.  As you create your layouts, post them in the Monthly Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layouts.  The monthly layouts count toward the March Challenge Chase as well, so if you're participating in that, don't forget to leave a link to your layouts in that thread too.  Happy scrapping! 

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