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Sale-a-bration 2022 Slow Scrap (Wednesday game!)


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MONDAY 27 June Task:

Hmmmm, since I've heard a bit of grumbling over the last couple of days, I'll give you guys a choice today.  You can do either one of these options, or you may do both if you wish:

-  Add a title to your layout (you can use either a font or alpha, or mix, whatever you wish


- Add some brushwork to your layout.  If you don't use a program where you can actually load brushes, you can use the associated png files and scatter them over your page, or use as a stamp.  You can also apply a style to your brush layer, or use a blending mode.  Just some ideas!

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1 hour ago, Mikelle said:

since I've heard a bit of grumbling over the last couple of days

Aw, Mikelle, we love ya! And like you said, It's good for us to go outside our comfort zone. Once in a while. ;) I for one have been have fun with your slow scrap challenge. 

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Ha ha guys, no problem!  I've gotten a nice laugh out of the grumbling!  I do think all of your layouts are beautiful, so I don't at all feel badly about forcing you to stretch your wings a bit.  ?

@mimes1  There will be one more task tomorrow - but I may try to post it late tonight my own time, which will be after midnight ET.

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Are you guys ready to finish your gorgeous layouts?  I really am impressed with all of them, they turned out beautifully!  


Add any finishing touches you'd like and make last adjustments - I'd recommend including a location, date, and names of people involved on your layout, if you haven't already included that info, but of course that's up to you!  If you feel your layout is missing a little something, go ahead and throw it on there (a little sparkle anyone?)  This last task is just to allow you to tweak the layout and make sure you are happy with it.  

You have until Wednesday, June 29th at midnight ET to post your finished layout to the Sale-a-Bration 2022 Layout Gallery.  Make sure once you post your layout, go to the Sale-A Bration Participation thread and edit your layout post to include a link to your awesome slow scrap layout.  

Grumbles aside, great job, everyone!  ?

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