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Show Me Game


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Woo hoo it's Friday and time for a new game. 

Today we are going to play the Show Me game. This game is pretty simple. I will start by posting a product from the store (please post the marketing preview and link to the item) Your job is to simply find another item in the store that has something in common with it.  Maybe it’s a similar element, color scheme, pattern etc.  Come back and post your marketing preview and link to the item and let us know what they have in common.

You can play as many times as you’d like but please let 1 person play before you go again.

Don’t forget to update your post in the Sale-A-Bration tracking thread showing that you have participated in this game

All games/challenges close at midnight EST 6/29

One lucky participant will win a $5 gift certificate. Have fun.


To paste the preview in Google Chrome open a tab with the shop then open the preview you wish to show. Right click on the preview, choose copy image, open another tab with this forum thread and hit the enter key. Your image should appear. Now back to the other tab, copy the address bar and hit enter below the image to show the link. Then type whatever your image has in common with the previous. It sounds more complicated than it is. If you have a problem just let me know in this thread and I will try to help. As always just let me know if you have any questions.

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